5 Best Peloton Strength Instructors

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There are many benefits to using Peloton, and one of such is that the instructors are top-notch. While specializing in different Peloton workouts, these coaches motivate you to keep going. Aside from the regular cycling workouts, you can stream classes on core, yoga, cardio, and strength.

If you seem interested in engaging in some muscle-shaking routine and building strengths, read on to learn about some of the best Peloton strength instructors.

5 Best Peloton Strength Instructors and Trainers

Instructor NameWorkout Specialization
Jess SimsFull body strength, chest-back-core strength
Andy SpeerGlutes, legs, arm, shoulder and core strength
Rebecca KennedyFull body strength, bodyweight, glutes, legs strength
Olivia AmatoCore strength, arms-legs, glutes, bodyweight strength
Adrian WilliamsChest-back, arm, full body strength
Best Peloton Strength Instructors and Trainers

While each instructor on the app has different fitness abilities and interests, you can find Peloton having special packages that suit the desires of each member. So, if you look forward to streaming efficient classes on strength, you should look out for the following instructors in the list below.

Jess Sims

Jess Sims | Courtesy: Popsugar

Whether or not you are a novice on Peloton’s strength training; you would love the classes conducted by Jess Sims. This instructor is one of Peloton’s favorites and has great skills to take you through each session without any hassles.

While she radiates positivity and handles simple maneuvers, her game may seem like one of the hardest on Peloton. Nevertheless, such routines help build your abilities, ensuring you achieve more than you expected.

Andy Speer

Andy Speer | Courtesy: Onepeloton

If you seek sessions that help improve your mobility and warm you up in no time, then Andy Speer should be the first person on your mind. Even though some exercise coaches want you to work harder, Andy believes in working smarter.

He’s goofy and funny personality helps members make it through the hard routine. Since most of this instructor’s classes skew to folks on the intermediate level, it would be best to engage in these classes if you have previous experiences.

Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca Kennedy | Courtesy: Popsugar

Rebecca’s workout style covers high-intensity routines with low rest, and she has complex moves up her sleeves inspired by gymnastics. This instructor is here for you for members who seem bored of the regular planks, squats, and curl.

You may find it tricky at first learning all her moves, but this former cheerleader is sure to make you adapt sooner. As you crave something new amidst your strength sessions, you should consider taking some of Rebecca Kenedy’s classes.

Olivia Amato

Olivia Amato | Courtesy: Onepeloton

Olivia is known for her core-focused and intense routines. This fierce instructor takes Peloton members on strength classes, dropping few motivations and inspirational all the way through.

While you pant, she sweats with you, and even though such sessions can be challenging, Olivia’s workouts are easy to follow.

Hence, she is the right person to engage with in terms of intermediate, core, full-body, glutes and legs, body weight, and weight training on Peloton. With her intriguing playlist, you can relax throughout the session.

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams | Courtesy: Onepeloton

For folks with little experience, Adrian Williams is the go-to coach for building strength. He creates a balance in workout intensity, employing a great sense of humor and awesome playlists.

Although one of the newest additions on Peloton, Adrian optimally handles full body, upper body, intermediate, chest and back, body weights, weight training, and tread boot camps. The workout style of this instructor is upbeat playful, and he allows sufficient rest to balance the intensity ratio.


Are Peloton strength classes efficient?

Peloton has effective strength classes that work well for beginners and advanced-level members. There are excellent instructors to motivate you through your routine. Thus, if you stick around for long, you are bound to notice amazing results.

Which Peloton instructor is everyone’s fav?

Each instructor on Peloton is unique, with outstanding workout styles that make exercising less rigorous. However, these coaches below have some of the highest reviews, thanks to their performances and workout styles.
Robin Arzon
• Cody Rigsby
Ally Love
• Camila Ramon
• Alex Toussant
• Tunde Oyeneyin

Which Peloton instructor goes hard on exercisers?

If you are ready to sweat and take up your workouts to a high level, Olivia Amato, Kendall Toole, Jess Sims, Matt Wilpers, and Alex Toussaint are a good catch. These instructors have some of the most challenging classes on this platform.


Peloton handles excellent fitness technology that gives you everything needed for workouts within your home. However, Peloton’s app is only as good as the trainers. The instructor’s role at Peloton is to create engaging, motivational, and effective experiences for members across all levels.

If your goal consists of building strength, you need to find the best Peloton strength instructors. Confidently, these coaches mentioned in this article will motivate and inspire you throughout all sessions.

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