Do You Need Special Shoes for Echelon Bike? Explained

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As a whole; It is recommended to use SPD spin shoes with Echelon bike but does not mandatory any special shoes to ride because, It comes with a dual sided pedals (SPD cleats on a side and toe cages on the side). However, you can always grab a pair of special shoes for more safety, comfort and better traction during your intense cycling sessions.

So, to give you more detailed reasoning, we have compiled all the possible benefits and drawbacks of having special shoes for Echelon bikes. Therefore read till the very end without skipping any of it.

What Type of Shoes is compatible with Echelon Bike?

Echelon bike comes with Dual sided pedals (SPD cleats on a side and toe cages on the side). So any cycling shoes with SPD cleats compatible works with Echelon Bike. Its latest Connect models EX1, EX3, EX5 EX5, and EX5s bike already have these pedals.

NOTE: It is recommended by Echelon that the shoe’s sole as hard as possible and avoid riding with open toed shoes, slippers, flip flops, or barefoot.

Is it an Absolute Necessity to Have Special Shoes for Your Echelon Bike?

It’s not an absolute necessity to grab a pair of special shoes for cycling on your Echelon bike. However, you’ll undoubtedly have more benefits if you have put on some high-quality shoes while performing your training sessions.

Here are some of the most effective benefits of having special shoes.

# More Balanced Cycling Sessions

People often think that training cycling is only done by pushing through the pedals so that the flywheels turn in circles. However, the right way to do it is to push down and pull up on the pedals. If you wear special cycling shoes that keep your feet steady on the pedals, this is much easier to do.

The clip-in shoes make it easier to pedal because the quads don’t have to work as hard on the upstroke.

Instead, the work is split evenly between your muscles on the very front of your thighs and the muscles in the back. This is one of the most effective ways to work out all the fat-burning muscles in the legs.

Moreover, special cycling shoes can also help you keep the foot flat, so you don’t pedal with your toes down, which only works your quads and puts too much stress on your joints. This can help you speed up and achieve maximum power from the pedaling stroke rotation.

# Reduces the Chances of Injury

High-quality special shoes keep your feet flat and well protected against all kinds of indoor cycling injuries. Special shoes limit the angle at which the foot points down, preventing calf cramps.

Moreover, special shoes also keep the feet flat, which can aid people with chronic lower back pain because they work the glute muscles. This limits the pelvis movements and also takes the pressure off the back.

The tight connection between the shoe and the pedal also keeps your knees in the right place. That stops knee pain from cycling, which is often caused by jerky side-to-side movements that can strain or tear ligaments.

Although Echelon bikes have the necessary padding and traction to give you stability during exercise sessions, if you want the maximum stability and grip, it’s fine to go for special shoes. 

# Proper Physique Alignment

Clip-in shoes let you connect securely to the pedals for optimum cycling biomechanics.” Your ankles should never twist when cycling, and the knees should always face forward. This will help you get the most out of your workout and keep you from getting hurt. if you’re wearing cross-trainers, your feet can move around inside the pedal cage, increasing the chance you’ll get out of this position.

So, special cycling shoes help keep the ankle, foot, and knee in good position preventing any vital injury. These special shoes also make the weight transfer much more even as you pedal on your Echelon bike.

Therefore, keeping your body in proper alignment puts less stress on the joints and prevents any chances of injury.

# Enhanced Motivation

According to different surveys and reports, the attire you pick for exercising plays a key role in keeping you motivated. Although special shoes for Echelon may not be required, you can still have a pair since these special shoes will boost your motivation to keep yourself active.

Many fitness enthusiasts stated that when they wear particular exercise clothes and shoes, they feel more encouraged to stick to their workout plans and push their limits to stay more active and fit.

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Why Won’t You Require High-Quality Special Shoes for Echelon Bike?

There are quite a few significant reasons why you won’t require high-quality special shoes for Echelon bikes. Below we have explained them in detail.

# Echelon Bikes Have the Necessary Padding

Echelon bikes are designed with the best padding to provide you with the necessary protection and comfort for your feet. So, when you pedal, the training bike will give you the necessary grip you need.

Therefore, you can carry out your regular cycling exercise even with basic fitness shoes. It’s true that the basic training shoes won’t be as durable as the special ones. But if that’s not an issue for you, you can indeed carry out your fitness training with these basic shoes.

# Echelon Bikes Gives the Perfect Grip

Not all indoor training bikes are designed to give the best gripping. However, Echelon bikes have the pedals’ proper grip that provides the users with more stability and performance.

So, while proceeding with your cycling, you won’t require special shoes for more gripping and all since the bike already has the feature. Even with regular fitness shoes, you can easily carry out your regular training sessions.

Although, there are fitness enthusiasts who prefer extra gripping during their sessions. In that case, you can always get a pair of special shoes for the Echelon bike.

# Unnecessary Cost

You know that special shoes don’t come cheap. You need to spend extra cash to get the best quality ones. So, it might be an unnecessary cost for many since the Echelon bike already provides all the necessary features you need, like grip, padding, and foot protection.

Therefore, you can easily proceed with the basic fitness shoes and minimize unnecessary expenses. As mentioned earlier, if you want more comfort and extra features, then you may go for special shoes. This is entirely your choice whether you want to have special shoes for the Echelon bike or not.

Bottom Line

Do you need special shoes for Echelon bike? Its entirely depends on your preferences. If you want extra comfort, padding, and grip, then it’s fine if you go for special shoes. However, if these extra features are not a must for you, as Echelon bike already provides all the necessary features to give you the best indoor cycling experience. So, even with basic training shoes, you can carry out effective indoor cycling sessions.

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