How To Change Seat On Peloton Bike and Bike Plus? Explained

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We got scared after reading a Reddit post from a person trying to replace the default Peloton seat. He had tried covering the seat with a seat cover and wearing padded shorts to find more comfort. But he felt pain after both attempts. A particular workout had bruised his tailbone so badly that he couldn’t get on the bike for 3 days. 

The Peloton bike has the same seat as a regular bike. For a spin bike, the default Peloton bike seat is relatively hard. The seat is neither too soft nor too hard. The comfort level is the same as a road bike seat.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the seat is uncomfortable. Because too soft and cushy seats can also cause pain while you are spinning. Unfortunately, if your case is similar to the Reddit guy, then we are afraid you might need to replace your Peloton bike seat. 

Can you change the seat on a Peloton bike?

Yes, the seat of a Peloton bike can be changed or replaced. We have already said that a Peloton bike has the same mechanism as a regular bike in terms of seats. 

Therefore, the process of changing the bike seat is almost similar to changing a seat for a regular bike. Just make sure you have the necessary tool kit for the job.

Before we break down the process of changing the bike seat, you can ask the team of Peloton employees to swap it out for you at the time they deliver your bike. 

If your bike was delivered by a third-party agency, then need to change or replace the seat on your own.

How To Change Seat On Peloton and Bike Plus?

Luckily, replacing the seat for both Peloton and Peloton Bike Plus is easy. But some people find difficulties with the seat adapter. 

That is why we urge you to carefully follow the instruction below to change the seat of your Peloton bike or Peloton bike plus – 

  • The main difference in changing the Peloton seat is the post sleeve. The post sleeve is connected to the seat post of your bike. 
  • Rotate the L-shaped knob counterclockwise to unscrew from the bike.
  • You will be able to remove the seat post once you have completely unscrewed the knob.
  • After that, remove the sleeve from the seat post. Watch this video for clear demonstration – 


  • The seat should be attached to the seat post. Although steps 1 to 4 is not necessary, it can help you change the seat feasibly.  
  • Now it’s time to take off the seat. With a suitable Allen key (that came with your Peloton bike) loosen the bolts under the seat. Use one hand to grab the seat in position and another hand to unscrew the bolts.
  • Once you feel like the bolts are loose enough, grab the post and move it back to slide off the seat from the post. You may have to wiggle a bit.
  • After you have successfully removed the seat from the seat post, place the new seat on top of the post. For this, you just have to slide the post from behind, aligning the seat rails. 
  • To tighten the new seat, place the bolts in position and screw them with the same Allen key.
  • Before you fully tighten both bolts, make sure to adjust the seat conveniently. 

Although the following video talks about replacing the seat of a regular bike, you can still watch this as the method is almost similar – 


Can you get a bigger seat for a Peloton bike?

It only makes sense to get a bigger seat for your Peloton bike when you can actually replace the seat. And you can go through the above method to replace the default Peloton seat with a wider seat.

People who are a bit heavy have a misconception that getting a wider seat for their Peloton bike can add more comfort. 

It is both true and false at the same time. Getting a wider seat for your Peloton bike might feel more comfortable at first. But you can still feel pain and soreness at some point. 

A wider seat can hold wider sit bones suitably, but that doesn’t confirm absolute comfort. 

Whether or not you need a wider saddle like a cushier saddle or a road bike saddle will vary after you have taken 10 to 15 rides with each of these saddles. 

When you feel the seat comfortable after multiple trials, then you are pretty much adapted to the particular seat. 

The more you ride the more it helps to determine the comfort of a seat. And the adaptation also comes quickly with this practice.

Some Comfortable Seats for Your Peloton Bike 

If the default Peloton seat is too unbearable for you, then you can switch it with some wide and cushy oversized bike seats. 

Peloton designed the seat keeping in mind your body shape and configuration that is the most suitable for you. 

That is why we don’t encourage you to change the Peloton seat unless it is worn out or if you are a larger person.

After much research, we have found these seats that are recommended by many users –

Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat – This seat is dedicated to indoor cycling classes. A wide and padded seat for your buttock. This seat is very easy to install and they offer a rain cover so that you can keep it protected from water.

DAWAY Comfortable Seat – This seat brings the ultimate joy and comfort for both indoor and outdoor cycling. This is reputed for its high-density memory foam. The PVC leather makes it durable and wear-resistant. It makes cycling more comfortable with its groove and cutout. And there is a waterproof taillight at the back. However, this seat is specially made for women.

Giddy Up Oversize Saddle – This seat has the most comfortable memory foam. Aside from that, it has shock-absorbing springs to protect you from sudden bumps. This seat is 13.4” wide, which makes it one of the best seats for oversized people. On top of that, it comes as a complete bundle where you will get a mounting wrench, a waterproof seat protector, and a reflective band.          


There are many questions on people’s minds regarding the Peloton bike seat. We have tried to answer some of the frequently asked ones – 

Why does my back hurt when I am riding my bike?

If your back hurts while training with your Peloton bike, it means you are not sitting properly on the bike. This will not allow you to work out for your regular time.

In addition, you may have to stretch your foot on the bottom of the pedal to stroke properly. Eventually, this will lead to knee and lower back pain. In such cases, chances are high you’ve adjusted the seat too high or too low.   

Can I make the Peloton seat more comfortable?

Regardless of having either a Peloton or Peloton Bike Plus, you need to adjust the saddle properly. Both the seat height and depth should be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Above all, you have the option to adjust the seat within the range of 26 inches.

In order to have the correct posture for training, it is also important to align your body with your bike. You should check our article on adjusting a Peloton bike seat for more info. 

How can I put a seat cover on my Peloton bike?

Of course, you can. In fact, there are plenty of seat covers in the market for your Peloton bike. Get a comfortable seat cover and place it on your seat.

Make sure it is perfectly aligned and you need to fasten two string ropes to secure it perfectly on the seat. This will not let the cover slide away even when you are riding aggressively. 

Can my Peloton seat wear out?  

All bike seats are meant to wear out over time. There is nothing in the world that remains indestructible forever. This implies the same for bike seats.

Although there are some saddles with plastic bases that will not wear out, they will fail eventually due to cracks, damaged gel/foam, bent rails, and so on. No matter what seat you have, you can keep riding with it as long as you are maintaining its integrity.

Final Words

While you may hear people talking about the Peloton bike seat giving them pain and whatsoever, don’t come to a conclusion about changing the seat instantly. 

The people who talk like this may not have the right adjustment of their seats, they may not follow the right posture while cycling, they may not have the proper handlebar adjustment, and so on. 

So, it is always better to check if your seat has the most suitable adjustment for your body. 

More importantly, never get confused hearing rumors when you are already feeling comfortable riding your Peloton bike. 

In worst-case scenarios, you can take an attempt to change the bike’s seat. And we believe, we have shown the process of changing the seat on Peloton bike or bike plus with comprehensive instruction.

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