Matt Wilpers Peloton Instructor: Net Worth, Wife, Age, Bio (Updated 2024)

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Matt Wilpers is an indoor cycling instructor at Peloton. He is also a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and former professional cyclist. Wilpers was born and raised in upstate New York.

Matt was a Division I distance runner and has been coaching for 10 years. He teaches with a positive energy that comes from his athletic background.

On the Peloton app, he has more than 490 cycling classes and 290 treadmill classes. Wilpers has a number of outdoor cycling and running classes for people who would rather work out outside.

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Matt Wilpers Biography Wiki

Full NameMatt Wilpers
HometownOhio, USA (Raised in Marietta, Georgia)
Age39 years old
Birthday24 October 1983
Height5 feet 8 inch (178 cm)
ProfessionPeloton cycling and tread instructor
Marital StatusEngaged
EducationGeorgia State University and New York University
HobbyWatching football and cycling
Social MediaInstagram: @mattwilpers | Twitter: @MattWilpers
Matt Wilpers Biography

Matt Wilpers Early Life

Matt did an internship with KPMG in Manhattan between his fourth and fifth years at Georgia State.

Matt got a job at KPMG after he finished school and got his CPA. He was on their auditing team for financial services for three and a half years. He was mostly concerned with financial services and big banks.

Matt told Sanchez in an interview that he learned a lot at KPMG, but he thought he would stay in accounting for the rest of his life.

Matt first taught at gyms in New York City, like the YMCA, before he was sent to the Mile High Club. But Matt still didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He told what he was thinking at the time

Matt Wilpers and Peloton

In October 2016, Matt joined Peloton. He worked with nine other instructors, including Christine D’Ercole, who was also a Power Zone trainer. At the time, Wilpers said this about why he chose to join Peloton

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Matt teaches mostly running and cycling classes at Peloton, both in the studio and outside. He has more than 490 classes of indoor cycling, 290 classes of treadmill, and 20 classes outside.

The music is a big part of what makes a Peloton class fun, and Matt is known for having a wide range of tastes. There are more than 1,500 people who follow his official Peloton playlist on Spotify.

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Matt Wilpers Net worth

Matt Wilpers has an approximated net worth of about $8 Million. While Matt Wilpers’s actual net worth is unknown.

Matt Wilpers Wife

In an Instagram post, Matt Wilpers told his fiancee Jessica Li that he was getting married. Matt Wilpers is engaged!

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Matt wilpers power zone training

Matt teaches a variety of classes, but he may be best recognized as one of the faces of Peloton’s immensely popular Power Zone Training.

Matt is one of seven Power Zone Training teachers, the others being Ben Alldis, D’Ercole, Denis Morton, Olivia Amato, Sam Yo, and Erik Jäger.

Power Zone Training is a training approach based on the output or power measure, which is a mix of cadence and resistance. Peloton explains that it is an excellent tool for enhancing and monitoring fitness over time.

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Wilpers has contributed significantly to the development of Peloton’s three Power Zone Training programs – Discover Your Peloton Zones, Build Your Peloton Zones, and Peak Your Power Zones.

Final Words

Matt is a big fan of cycling, running, and traveling. He encourages Members to find out how strong they really are and how much fun it can be to train.

Matt is one of Peloton’s seven Power Zone instructors. He uses his experience as a runner and cyclist to help Peloton users get in better shape overall.

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