Peloton Starts selling fitness equipment and apparel on Amazon

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Peloton has partnered with Amazon to sell exercise equipment, accessories, and clothes on the retailer’s U.S. website.

This is Peloton’s first attempt to sell things outside its e-commerce site and showrooms. Amazon sells the $1,445 Peloton Bike and the $295 Peloton Guide. Peloton’s more expensive Bike+ machine and Tread treadmill are not available on Amazon.

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Peloton said the partnership expands its distribution.

Peloton, a triumph in the early months of the pandemic when people were stuck at home, has failed since Covid-19 restrictions lifted.

Peloton wants to hike some prices and cut 784 jobs by closing stores and warehouses. Barry McCarthy, the company’s new CEO and former Spotify and Netflix CFO, replaced John Foley in February.

Peloton lay off 20% of its employees that month. Peloton will outsource its production in July.

Peloton’s first-quarter sales plummeted 24% year-over-year, to $964 million. Thursday is earnings day.