80 Day Peloton Before and After (See the Differences)

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The 80 day Peloton before and after results are amazing! I have never seen such a transformation in such a short amount of time.

The before and after photos show the amazing changes that can happen in just 80 days with the help of the Peloton. The Peloton is a great way to get in shape and lose weight.

80 Day Peloton Before and After Result [ 80 day obsession ]

Success Story 1

Last week I finished almost 80 Hard and Peloton 💯 carried me through!!! Every single day for 80 days strait (and everyday since I finished).

I’ve had Peloton to guide me through the process of becoming a better me and a million hands on my back encouraging me with countless virtual high fives! ✋🏼What an amazing journey!!

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Success Story 2

Decided to give 75+ hard a chance and leaned heavily into peloton for my workouts everyday. There is only a 2.5 month difference between these two photos. Hard work and consistency really does pay off.

What I did everyday?

75 hard is 75 days of following these rules:

Progress picture everyday

10 pages of nonfiction

2 45 min workouts a day, but one has to be outside (typically a walk outside and peloton inside)

1 gallon of water

No cheat meals or alcohol

Final Words

The before and after photos are amazing. The persons in the before photo looks like they are in their early 40s and the persons in the after photo looks like they are in their late 20s.

The persons in the after photo looks so much healthier and happier. They have lost a significant amount of weight and their skin looks so much better.

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