5 Best Socks For Peloton To Reduce Your Foot Strain

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After riding peloton, When you are sweating profusely and use your towel to dry off your face and chest, have you wondered if there is a way to do the same for your sweaty and soon-to-be smelly feet? With the right socks, you can make your feet feel cool despite the heat from the training and also save it from abrasion, friction, and blisters.

This chance of blistering doubles when you are cycling. Then what’s the fix? To get the best socks for peloton! This will help you to prevent possible injuries and the chances to get blisters after that.

These socks offer the right cushioning, proper moisture-wicking, and the relaxing breathability that you want from the perfect socks! So when you are biking, these socks will give you extra support to your heels, toes, and arches.

Learn how to free yourself from ankle pain and reduce your chances of foot strain to zero, let’s take a look at the products below.

Our Recommendations On Best Socks For Peloton:

  1. Best Overall: CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks
  2. Editor’s Pick: Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks
  3. Best for Wide Feet: Under Armour Adult Performance Tech Low Cut Socks
  4. Best Socks for Long-Hour Wear: CWVLC Unisex Socks
  5. Best Running Socks: Swiftwick- VIBE ZERO Trail and Road Running Socks

Products’ Review on the Best Socks for Peloton:

Here are the detailed reviews of all the 5 best socks:

1. Best Overall: CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks

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If you are on the hunt for your new favorite socks, here are the best socks you can get! Be it sustaining several washes and still looking as good as new or them staying exactly where you want them, these socks are a cyclist’s go-to.

So if you do not want to feel as if your footies are slowly slipping down your shoes and are staying, offering you all the cushioning and support you need, let’s take a detailed look at it.

In terms of material, you have 88.3% combed cotton, 1% spandex, and 10.7% polyester here. This low-cut, high-quality pair can be worn by both men and women and are a favorite particularly for their breathability and moisture-wicking features. The mesh ventilation on the socks works particularly to offer you these benefits. For extended biking or work, giving you overall comfortable feet protection.

But how does this sock perform when it comes to durability? Since its composition consists of thick yarns, you can be assured of them lasting long. And the best bit is that the entire sole of the sock is cushioned and reinforced with a high-density knit to absorb all impacts as you ride your Peloton.

You can also use these as running socks for the compression offered in the arches and the elastic tab lock that can promise you a non-slip run. All in all, this is a great match for all your outdoor activities!


  • Comes with an extra thick cushion to make bike riding easy.
  • Great air-permeability from the mesh ventilation.
  • Moisture-wicking for non-sweaty performance.
  • Non-slip making that is easy to take on and off when in a hurry. 
  • Delivers seamless toe boxes as you would like.



  • Has sizing issues for wide-feet users.
  • They are not so good for tight shoes.



2. Editor’s Pick: Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks

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For those of you who like the idea of a seamless toe box (and a lot more than that while you are it), here’s an excellent race-tested contender to the CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks from Balega.

And if you are someone who is suffering from neuroma on your feet which makes it painful for you to walk, these shoes are even greater! A sufficient amount of padding does all the pain-lessening for you. All you need to do is to put them on and go!

Also, much like the CelerSport shoe, this does not slip down your heels and onto the back of your feet. On the other hand, when it comes to material, this is very differently made compared to Celersport. You get a mix of 34% Nylon, 32% Mohair Wool, 32% Drynamix Polyester and 2% Elastane here.

The equal combination of Drynamix and Mohair gives you a superior anti-blister performance while the rest allow temperature regulation in summer and winter. The latter also adds to the durability where the former wicks moisture away from your feet. With natural fibers being the being for feet with sensitive skin, this sock pair is the perfect combination of abrasion-reducing and moisture-managing properties.

Last but not least, it comes incorporated with a VTech Support System that improves your fit around the arch. And since it comes with a really high stitch count, you will also find them to be one of the softest running shoes as well!


  • Comes with triple-ply underfoot cushioning that reduces impact.
  • The elastic grip offers a great non-slip fit.
  • A hand-linked seamless toe box keeps abrasions and chafing away.
  • An extra-deep heel tab and heel pocket prevent the socks from slipping down.
  • Mesh ventilation and natural fiber make it good for sensitive feet.



  • Features not so extra-ordinary sewing.
  • Can’t be washed in the dryer without shrinking.



3. Best for Wide Feet: Under Armour Adult Performance Tech Low Cut Socks

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Suppose, you have wide feet in size 13. How hard do you think it is for you to find the perfect sock pair? Not that hard, with these socks from Under Armour! For a proper fit and a reasonable cost, these are everyday socks that you can wear at home or outdoors. You no longer need to have dress socks near at hand for these comfortable UA Socks are going to be your work-at-home best friend for the feet!

Now onto the materials. Compared to the Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks, this UA Adult Performance Low-Cut Socks do not have elastane or nylon here. However, they are somewhat similar to the CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks for having cotton, polyester, and spandex here. However, the percentages are different this time. This pair is made from 28% cotton, 69% polyester, and 3% spandex.

For additional breathability from the socks, you can utilize the mesh panels on the upper. And with the pull-on closure, you can easily put them on and off without leaving marks on the skin, and at the same time, these stay in place too! So it is a very comfortable pair of socks for Peloton.

These socks come with medium cushioning, are comfortable, and can keep your feet dry and cool throughout the day thanks to the polyester and cotton blend. Since it wicks away moisture and sweat easily, you can use it for biking and workout sessions without irritation. These mid-ankle socks can be used for everything from running to going to the gym.


  • Lightweight construction that lasts long.
  • Breathable material that wicks sweat away and dries down fast.
  • Features a blend of comfortable synthetic and natural yarn.
  • Comes with an anti-slip grip when worn and riding.
  • Very superior socks that will fit your feet correctly.



  • The material is quite thin.
  • Not the best for long workout sessions.



4. Best Socks for Long-Hour Wear: CWVLC Unisex Socks

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Here is the best socks pair, if you are someone who enjoys riding the Peloton and working long shifts in the medical, restaurant or teaching field. For support from socks that can last 12 hrs without giving in to sweat, dirt, swelling, pain, or a bad odor, these are outstanding. If you want to have 5-mile walks with them, you can do it. If you want to wear them at home, you can do that as well. And in every case, it will be a comfortable experience!

The material blend here is similar to both Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks with 53% Nylon and 13% Elastic, and to Under Armour Adult Performance Tech Low Cut Socks with its 5% Spandex construction. However, there is a new material in the name and composition of 29% Moisture-Wicking Fabric. The sole of the socks is also made of quick-drying material that comes with air-flow channels to keep sweat and odor at bay.

Like all the other socks so far, this is also a no-slipping sock that reduces the chances of blisters, with the reliable Lycra and elastic combination. This contours to the shape of your foot snugly, eliminating unwanted friction that usually causes blisters. They are also great at shock absorption and the instep mesh particularly works for ventilation and moisture management.

And the best part? These socks help to promote blood circulation and maintain oxygen flow. It also saves you from muscle cramps, fatigue, or swelling with its unique design and may even help those in need of muscle recovery or suffering from plantar fasciitis.


  • It comes with sweat-wicking technology for cutting down moisture.
  • Breathable construction allows you to use the socks and material for long.
  • Great for Peloton, hiking, yoga, or gym sessions.
  • Delivers anti-swelling arch support to your feet.
  • Features targeted compression that boosts blood circulation.



  • May be too warm for summer.
  • Has size issues for some people.



5. Best Running Socks: Swiftwick- VIBE ZERO Trail and Road Running Socks

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When you are trail riding or having a high-intensity run, your feet get particularly hot. In that case, these socks are an excellent solution for mitigating moisture, cooling down your sweaty feet, and offering arch support. This will never ride all the way down to your ankle or hold moisture.

And these look good too! Since they are thin, they are particularly fair for running. So, you can cut down the worry of sweaty feet as you run; be it marathons, hikes, or running errands!

In terms of cushioning, this is a medium-cushioned pair like the Under Armour Adult Performance Tech Low Cut Socks. And similar to the CWVLC Unisex Cushioned Compression Athletic Ankle Socks, these are a moderate-compression pair, making them ideal for everyday workouts. This moderate compression hugs the feet through the arch and supports the muscles, keeping your socks in their places.

In terms of construction, this pair is made with Olefin in the footbed. This allows optimal moisture and sweat control. On the other hand, the thin and flat upper knit works to improve the breathability to keep your feet cool.

And like most others, you also get a seamless toe box here, which is essential for everyday wear where you want to cut down the chances of having blisters. Add to this the feature of zero cuff height, and you get the benefit of it sitting below your ankle, offering you a minimum extension above your shoes.

All in all, this pair combined with lightweight shoes can give you the cushion you need to keep your feet protected and comfortable while eliminating friction on your toes and keeping your feet blister-free!


  • Comes with moderate cushioning to give you controlled support.
  • Has a no-show or zero-show cuff height.
  • Offers you improved breathability on the upper and bottom.
  • Has a contoured fit that snugly hugs your feet.
  • Has great shock absorption and impact absorption ability.



  • The seam sewing is quite ordinary.
  • Not the best for those with wide feet.




Why do my feet hurt on the peloton?

If you are wearing shoes that are tight, you will be hurting your feet when on the Peloton. This can occur from putting way too much pressure outside your foot under the downstroke.

What is so special about cycling socks?

Cycling socks tend to be thinner and will usually fit your feet closely. Since cycling shoes are close-fitting, these shoes can’t accommodate thicker or loose-fitting socks. This is why cycling socks need to be special. They need to be made of wicking materials that can dry quickly to curb discomfort.

Why are cycling socks different from regular socks?

Cycling socks need to be primarily made of synthetic or polyester fiber or thin wool instead of being made fully of cotton. Regular socks can be made of 100% cotton, there’s no issue there. But with regular socks, you can get blisters since it absorbs sweat and saturates easily. So once they are full of moisture from your feet, they will be even slower to dry.

Final Words

And that brings us to the end of the hunt for the best socks for Peloton! As you know by now, you should opt for quality socks when going for peloton rides. This will ensure that your socks and your stamina last longer. Also, you won’t be coming home with smelly feet and need to rebuy often.

Always check materials first and then reviewing when buying cycling socks. Like the ones in the list, the CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks is great for both running and riding; while the Balega Blister Resist, No Show Socks is great for every high-intensity feet session. Remember that with quality socks, you’ll always get quality performance!

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