7 Best Pedals for Peloton Bike [SPD, Delta, Dual Sided]

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Looking to swap your peloton default pedals to SPD/ dual platform or just need to change? It can be tough to choose the best pedals for your Peloton bike as there are so many options out there but this article made it easy.

So, What pedal should you buy? What should the price be? Should it have any specific features? Which pedals are better: plastic or metal? You will find an answer to all of these questions here, as well as some suggestions on which shoes are best suited to Peloton Bikes in general.

What type of pedals come with my Peloton Bike? By default, All Peloton bike and bike+ come with Look Delta pedals installed.

Can you put different pedals on a peloton bike? Yes, you can attach your own pedals (e.g. SPD pedals) to the peloton Bike but make sure that the new pedals have standard 9/16″ pedal connection

Recommended SPD Pedals For Peloton Bike:

  1. Venzo Pedals – A Wonderful Pedals for Peloton (3 in 1 Look Delta, Toe Cage, SPD) Editor Choice
  2. BV Bike Pedal with Toe Clip – Dual Peloton pedals for regular shoes (2 in 1 Toe Cage and SPD)
  3. Wellgo WPD-E003 – SPD Pedals for Spin Bike (2 in 1 Toe Cage and SPD)
  4. Spinning Spinner NXT – Best Peloton Pedals for Entire Family (2 in 1 Toe Cage and SPD)
  5. SUNLITE Bike Pedals – Best Toe Cage Pedals for Peloton Bike (2 in 1 Toe Cage and SPD)
  6. Schwinn Triple-Link – Look Delta Pedals for Peloton Bike (2 in 1 Toe Cage and Look Delta)

Recommended Dual Sided Pedals For Peloton Bike:

  1. Venzo CNC Pedals – Dual spd and delta pedals for peloton

Here’s the complete review of each one.

Why should you buy SPD pedals for your Peloton bike?

As the name implies, SPD pedals work with SPD cleats. However, you do not have to lock them in if you do not want to.

No matter what shoes you wear or what pedals are on your Peloton bike, these pedals will fit comfortably and allow your feet to move naturally. In addition, they will provide a stable platform.

Additional benefits of SPD pedals include:

  • You can choose a pair that suits your needs and riding style from all the major cycling shoe brands.
  • Because they come in different cleat mixes depending on what kind of weather and what pedals you are using, you can put these pedals both on mountain and road bikes.
  • There is no need for special tools or expertise to attach a Peloton bike pedal without SPD cleats. Beginners can use them to try out pedals while keeping their options open if they want to switch later on.

Best SPD Pedals For Peloton Bike: Review

1. Venzo Pedals (3 in 1 Look Delta, Toe Cage, SPD): Best Pedals for Peloton Bike

Check Price at Amazon

Venzo Bike pedals are next on the list. Installation is quick and easy, and they can be used with almost any type of bike, either indoors or outdoors.

In addition, they are not complicated to install, so they’re the ideal choice if you want a pedal set that doesn’t require installation every time.

An aluminum alloy is used to make the wide platform, which enhances its durability. Additionally, it features sealed bearings that will last for a long time and will not require further maintenance.

Shimano SPD shoes are also compatible with this pair. There is no real restriction to the type of bike you can use these pedals on. You can use them on just about any kind of bicycle you may have.

Its stainless steel body runs from one side to the other, increasing its strength even further while at the same time keeping it lightweight.

Furthermore, this pair is designed to have a large platform that provides more stability and enhances comfort while riding your bike.

With its adjustable pins, you can also adjust it to work with various kinds of shoes, ensuring adequate grip.

The company also offers a warranty policy, which makes these pedals even better than what you’d expect by just looking at their features.


  • It provides dual functionality so you can ride with both casual and clipless shoes.
  • A sturdy axle and platform are essential for a safe riding experience.
  • It has a sturdy aluminum alloy base to prevent deterioration.
  • These Venzo pedals are designed to perform well on spin bikes.


  • While they don’t do much outside the box, they are a bit pricey.
  • Another con is that they aren’t SPD-SL compatible, which might be a deterrent for some.
  • After a few rides, the screws may loosen.

2. BV Bike Shimano SPD: Peloton pedals for regular shoes

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Our second set of SPD pedals is the BV Bike Shimano SPD Pedals.

The traps are adjustable and have aluminum clips with nylon straps that are compatible with Shimano SPD. This model features a removable toe clip, so you can also wear casual shoes.

There is a meager price for these SPD pedals compared to others, and they have many features as well, making them an excellent deal for those looking for high-quality yet affordable bike accessories.

The manufacturer used durable and high-quality materials in the construction of these pedals. A top-quality nylon strap is used on the pedal straps, and an ED-painted aluminum body is the material for the pedal body.

The SPD pedals for Peloton bikes are a budget-friendly choice for those who want to save some money while still enjoying high-quality bike accessories.


  • Protects from slipping off with nylon straps of high quality.
  • It fits both clip-on and casual shoes and has a dual-function design.
  • A shoe’s surface has a strong, firm grip that provides anti-slip properties.
  • The set includes cleats, clippers, and straps with added accessories.
  • A durable material made from high-quality stuff.


  • There may be a problem fitting the cleats to the pedals.

3. Wellgo WPD-E003

Check Price at Amazon

Wellgo WPD-E003 SPD pedals are great SPD pedals for a Peloton bike, and they’re much less expensive than Shimano.

These Delta-style pedals feature an aluminum body with a steel axle, adjustable release tension settings, and come with cleats.

Compatible with all types of cycling shoes using Shimano or standard two-bolt cleat systems (Shimano, Look, SPD, etc.).

As they have Shimano cleats, you won’t have to worry about them fitting your pedals since they come with Shimano cleats already.

The spin bike attachment does not work on any other kind of bike because they were explicitly designed to work with spin bikes. A 264-pound weight limit is set on these heavy-duty pedals, which are solid and durable.

Because they’re stainless steel, the pedal threads won’t rust out when exposed to the elements or sweat.

As a Peloton rider, you can adjust their release tension according to how much float you require to maximize comfort.

It is an excellent choice for riders who have a variety of cycling shoes or different brands of cycling shoes.

WELLGO WPD-E003 is the right pedal if you are looking for some cheap SPD pedals that are compatible with most types of regular cycling shoes.


  • A rubber cage keeps the shoe in place while running at high speeds.
  • Strong and durable due to the heavy-duty material.
  • The toe clip and clipless types of shoes are compatible with the two-sided design.
  • The setup process is easy.
  • This grip is excellent, and it works very well.
  • There is manufacturer support included in the package.
  • In addition to being strong and well-built, it is also very affordable.


  • The clip-in process is arduous.
  • Adjusting pedal tension is not an easy task.

4. Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals

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The Triple-Link Pedals by Schwinn are efficient power transfer pedals. Spin-type indoor exercisers and outdoor bikes that accept the cable are compatible.

Aside from providing efficient power transfer, the single-link pedals from Schwann come with two additional features. You can also use the Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals outdoors to take full advantage of your bike.

The Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals offer lightweight, solid construction, and efficient power transfer for any outdoor or indoor exercise class with a compatible pedal system.

It is important to note that these pedals require Look Delta cleats.

The pedal threading is standard, and they fit bikes with a common crank thread.

Also, it has a tension release function to ensure you do not get injured getting in and out of the pedals.

You can use a Schwinn Triple-Link Pedal for spinning workouts, hot spots, and indoor cycling.


  • The pedals are very solid and a pleasure to use.
  • These cleats will work perfectly for a wide range of cycles.
  • It does not matter what type of shoe is used, and they will work just as well.
  • The design of these pedals makes them durable and well-made, which makes them appropriate for many years of use.


  • This pedal has been reported to creak shortly after it is removed from the box.
  • Another downside of this shoe is that it is not compatible with SPD-SL cleats.
  • One of the cons for some may also be the price.

5. SUNLITE Training Bike Pedals

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SUNLITE Training Bike Pedals round out the list.

There is no need to change the pedals whenever you use your Peloton bike indoors and outdoors since it is designed for indoor spinning and biking.

A non-SPD side is included with these black-and-silver pedals, which are made of aluminum.

The Peloton shoes fit perfectly on these pedals because they have the correct thread size Shimano SPD standard. Additionally, they come with an OS loose ball pedal for easy installation.

The Peloton pedals come in pairs and weigh 760 grams each. Because the Chromoly spindle is sized, the pedal is quite sturdy and heavy. Lightweight cycling shoes and pedals will not do for those who prefer them. However, with an intense workout, they can actually prove to be beneficial.

Due to their loose ball pedal design, Peloton pedals are also ideal for road cycling. There is no need to switch shoes every time you want to change from indoor to outdoor cycling.


  • With SPD and the toe clip, you can use it on both SPD and non-SPD sides, so it’s unbeatable for peloton use.
  • Aluminum’s durability makes it a wise choice.
  • With a spindle thread of 9/16, you can use it in a wide variety of systems.
  • Women and men can both wear it comfortably since it is unisex.


  • You can’t use it outdoors.

How to choose the Right SPD pedals for a Peloton bike?

When you have so many options to choose from, finding the correct SPD pedals can be difficult. Be sure to consider the design, shape, and size of the pedals, as well as the proper way to use them, before purchasing them for your Peloton bike.

# Quality and durability

A sturdy, high-quality pedal is essential. Cycling or spinning pedals should last a long time and be light to allow you to perform better.

Metal alloys prevent rusting, while stainless steel prevents permanent staining on the pedal’s surface.

# Compatibility with Peloton Bike

Consider the compatibility of your choice with the peloton bike as well.

The Peloton pedals come in two versions, one with Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats and one without SPD cleats for riders who wish to wear flat shoes or toe clips.

Furthermore, if you’re replacing both pedal sets on your Peloton bike, they must match.

# The Platform of the pedals

The pedal platform is an important aspect to consider. As you ride fast or perform intense workouts on the Peloton bike, it gives you a firm grip on your indoor cycling shoes.

A larger platform also provides more stability for indoor cyclists during high-speed maneuvers and difficult positions, such as climbing.

# Tension Release Feature

The SPD pedals should be able to completely release tension for indoor training sessions, despite a tight schedule.

Pedals with a small platform and poor foot grip will be difficult to wear, while indoor cycling shoes are difficult to get out of.

# The Size of the Spindle

An appropriate peloton pedal spindle has a thread size of 9/16 inches.

The pedal systems of the Peloton bikes are no longer limited to SPD-SL and Look Delta. You can use other pedal systems.

However, it is recommended to use them casually and for short periods to prevent injury.

# Riding Experience

As a result of its simple design, the peloton bike is easy to use so that you can focus on your riding experience.

As a result, novice users have less of a learning curve to overcome before feeling comfortable with the pedal system because of the simple design.

# Rotary Motion

Rotary motion is another factor to consider when choosing the best SPD pedal for your Peloton.

The rotation of your foot should be smooth at the end of every spin cycle, without any bumps or jumps.

# Sturdiness

Investing in a pedal that grips the spindle entirely is imperative. You will be able to spin more effectively when you do this.

Observe the resistance to movement by simply rotating the pedals.

By not rotating it easily, you can reduce foot slippage during a Peloton cycle workout.

As a result of safety risks and power output limitations, you won’t be able to push yourself as hard and fast during workouts if your grip is faulty.

# Degree of Float

Your feet have a certain amount of freedom on each side. Basically, you’re able to lift your feet off the pedals without unclipping them.

To prevent playing Russian roulette with your knees, you need some degree of float for riders who suffer from knee pain while cycling. This allows you to clip out with some force.

# Cost

SPD pedals are generally quite expensive. You can find some at lower rates, however.

SPD pedals of any quality should work well as long as they have the qualities you’re looking for. The quality is still high even though the price is not as high.

Getting a solid product with quality materials is still possible without breaking the bank. Rather than focusing solely on price, you should decide on what you want in your pedals. What matters most is that it suits your needs and that it is strong.

# A Good Range Is Important

Like everything else, you may need to pick a pedal that has a good range for rotary motion. Plus, the pedal finds more balance and control if you pick a good range. For that reason, choose a good range pedal that goes for a long way.

# Look For Warranty Support

Before we finish here, one thing that requires considering is the warranty support for having a replacement.

Most bike pedals give 2 to 3 years of manufacturer support for restoring any problem. So, dig out for pedals that have good manufacturer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SPD Pedals On a Peloton?

SPD pedals are generally Peloton compatible. As long as your SPD cleat system matches the crank arm of your Peloton bike, you can use it with no hassle.

How to install SPD pedals on Peloton bike?

While installing any SPD pedal on bikes, you need to follow some steps to get the job rightly. Firstly, you should start by clearing the pedals with a wiper.

Then, put on some anti-seize to the thread. Plus, Inserting the left and right pedal into the crank in clockwise format. And, this is how you can install the SPD pedals.

What is the dissimilarity between SPD and SPD SL?

It is a common question of any beginner for understanding the difference between SPD and SPD SL.

The SPD pedal has 2 bolts while the SPD SL has 3 bolts which both pedals attach cleats to the shoe. Plus, they have other difference on their functional settings and features.

Can You Put Any Pedals On the Peloton?

Peloton indoor bikes allow you to use any pedal type. Installation is a relatively simple process. Pedals only need a 9/16 connection.

The market offers a wide range of pedal types. Prices, functions, and weights vary.

For durability, it is advisable to use SPD pedals with a metal body.

Can You Use Shimano pedals On a Peloton bike?

Peloton bikes are compatible with Shimano pedals. You can use shoes compatible with Shimano pedals with SPD shoes.

Due to the design feature, you have dual functionality while pedaling as well as added support.

This is one example of the many different styles available from these manufacturers. They also have other models or options for users.

You can use them for casual shoes as well, as the straps on the pedal are adjustable. If you pedal fast, the pedals will stay attached to your shoes because they come with cleats that hold onto your shoes.

Can you Ride a peloton without cleats?

Attempting this is not recommended because the straps are not designed to hold your foot alone.

It is only there to hold onto your feet during the transition from bike to floor after every ride.

SPD pedals should have strong threads so they won’t break or wear out with use, as well as a design that you can wear with MTB or SPD shoes.

Straps are also crucial, since they need to be strong enough not to break under tension. In addition, they need to have a secure fit around your foot that won’t slip out during use.

Some features that may be of interest to you:

  • Threads that aren’t quickly snapped or worn out.
  • MTB and SPD compatible cleats.
  • A strap that won’t break or stretch, and a strap that fits nicely around your feet.


When it comes to pedals, there are a lot of options available. You can find the perfect ones for your Peloton bike and riding needs by doing a bit of research.

SHIMANO Clipless SPD Pedals are my top recommendation. One of the most widely compatible pedals on the market also has a stellar reputation.

Investing in a high-quality pair of cycling shoes is also worthwhile. The Shimano SH-RP300 Cycling Shoes are among my favorites. They lock my feet when riding and provide me with superior comfort on long rides.

Please leave any other questions you have about these pedals or others out there in the comments section below. You can expect a response from me in the shortest time possible.

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