Who Makes Peloton Shoes and Where are They Made?

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You got yourself a shiny new Peloton bike. Now what? Well, it’s time to gear up with the right accessories. Immediately you’ll notice that you need shoes. These shoes will clip into the pedals

So, if you’re wondering about who makes Peloton shoes and where are they made, this is where you find them. Peloton shoes are high-quality shoes with Look Delta cleats. 

They are as durable and stylish as they are comfortable to wear. Who makes these masterpieces, then? Well, let’s start with that question. 

Who Makes Peloton Shoes?

Well, you can say Peloton themselves make their shoes. They may hire contractors and other manufacturers to make their shoes, and their factories are also working 24/7 to produce Peloton products. 

No matter whether Peloton makes the shoes through the help of an OEM or contractor, you can expect them to be high-quality. 

It seems like Exustar USA is one of the OEMs for Peloton. This is good news since they do seem to have some very high-quality offerings as well. 

Where Are Peloton Shoes Made?

The answer is Taiwan. Peloton uses third-party manufacturers based in Taiwan to manufacture all of its products. This is true for their treadmills and also bikes. 

However, it can be different for their accessories. If you visit their website, you’ll see they have quite a lot of accessories listed on their site. You can buy them a la carte or in a set.

It’s safe to assume that all the high-quality accessories that they produce are also made in the same factories as their primary products. However, Peloton does plan to begin some of its manufacturing in the US soon. 

Some accessories like shoes can be made in the US then as well, although it isn’t a certainty at this point. 

How Much Does Official Peloton Shoes Cost?

This might be a bit of a nail-biter for you. One thing that is well-known about Peloton is that they can be a bit expensive. Their bikes do not come cheap. To most people who love the brand, that isn’t a problem. 

The quality and level of service they get are more than worth it. That’s why you’ll see many Peloton enthusiasts adore the products and their quality regardless of the price.

For Peloton, it’s a win-win since they get a good profit margin on their products and can keep their customers happy. 

The same is the case for their shoes. Peloton shoes can be a bit costly. You don’t need to buy the shoes only though. You have two options, either you can buy accessories sets or just the shoes themselves.

If you just want to get the shoes, it’ll cost you exactly $125. Regardless of which size you get, the price is the same. And, of course, the shoes are sold separately from the bike. 

The other option is to get accessories set. The sets will vary in price. There are two types of accessories sets available – the Peloton Bike Accessories Sets and the Bike+ Accessories Set.

The Bike Accessories Set’s price ranges from $150 to $450. While the Bike+ Accessories Set price ranges from $200 to $450 as well. You don’t always have to buy the first-party one. 

Other brands are also compatible, for example, the Shimano RC1. These are a more budget option. 

About The Manufacturer

Those who know about Peloton need no introduction to the brand. Their products are hits the top notch margin. Peloton has a strong community, and that’s one of its main strengths. 

The brand started in 2012 when two friends wanted to take up spinning classes. But they didn’t like the idea of going outside for it. So, they opened a company to solve their problem. 

And a couple of years later, here we’re. Peloton as we know it was born. Since its starting days, the brand has seen a lot of growth. There have been ups and downs. Hurdles and challenges that needed to be overcome. 

Now, Peloton offers a wide range of products and accessories for its loyal customers. Also, they provide some pretty cool-looking Peloton branded apparel as well.

The best part about this is that you can use their bikes and wear the brand with pride. That’s super cool.

Make Of Peloton Shoes

Peloton uses high-quality materials for its products, and its shoe accessories are no exception. They’re on their top-tier lines. 

Plus, Peloton uses a specific type of cleat. These are called Look Delta. 

Whenever you’re buying shoes for Peloton, you need to make sure that the shoes are Look Delta compatible. They look like a triangle and are mostly colored bright red. 

So, here’s a little secret. You don’t need to buy the exact Peloton branded shoes. As long as the cleats are compatible with the shoes you have, you’re good. 

Design Of Peloton Shoes

A reason why you may want to go for the branded Peloton shoes is because of the design. The first party-branded ones are, of course, elegant. They have a really lovely design and are comfortable. 

We don’t think it should come off as a surprise that the best shoes for Peloton you can get are from Peloton themselves. 

The shoes use very lightweight yet durable materials. You won’t be uncomfortable in them either. Its breathable mesh will keep your feet from getting all sweaty and hot. 

This means longer cycling sessions with more comfort. Peloton nailed the design and comfort of their shoes.

Other shoes from different manufacturers can be different. Honestly, it’s sort of impossible to narrow down all the other designs. Many manufacturers make shoes that are compatible with Peloton bikes.  

Are Peloton Shoes Worth Buying?

Most definitely yes! Peloton’s first-party shoes are high-quality and very comfortable. If you own a Peloton bike and want to get the best experience you can, these shoes are a no-brainer.

You can also go for other brands and manufacturers. But make sure that they are compatible with the cleat style. That is the most crucial consideration. 

Is It Mandatory to Use Default Peloton Shoes?

Not really. You have choices in this case. Peloton bike owners aren’t stuck using the default peloton branded shoes. You can use all shoes from any manufacturer. 

But as we said, what you need to keep in mind here is are the shoes are compatible with the standard look delta and SPD-SL cleats, for example, are not compatible. Keep that in mind.

Alternative To Peloton Shoes

There are quite a few alternatives to the Peloton shoes. You can choose from brands like Giro, Tommasso, Venzo and Shimano. 

Giro Techne is also a great one since they’ve two different kinds of cleat configurations. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility here.

If you want to use SPD cleat compatible shoes then you have to find a pair of quality SPD pedals for your peloton bike and replace with the default peloton pedals.


So, who makes Peloton shoes and where are they made? Well, Peloton’s primary products are made in Taiwan nowadays. It’s safe to assume that the accessories like their shoes are made in Taiwan by contractors. 

The brand also seems to have some OEMs making their shoes as well. No matter where they’re made of, it seems the Peloton quality is there.

And if you’re wondering about which shoes to get, just keep in mind the cleats and compatibility. The rest is up to you.

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