21 Best Peloton Accessories – Are they Worth?

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Who doesn’t love to stay fit and healthy? To ensure a great, most of us have set up Peloton bikes in our home. 

But to make the most from your Peloton workout, you need the best Peloton accessories. Only the Peloton bike is not enough to make your home workout fun and feasible.

However, some people may be satisfied only with their Peloton bikes as they are casual riders. But if you are serious about Peloton cycling and want to find out your exact biometrics, then you will definitely need some accessories for your Peloton bike.

Are peloton accessories worth it?

Yes, peloton accessories are worth to buy but not all accessories. Among all; shoes for peloton, heart rate monitor, towel and bike cleaner are the must peloton accessories to get started. However, If you’re serious fitness enthusiast and regularly use peloton, you’ll need all the mentions accessories in the long run.

Best Peloton Accessories: Our 21 Selections for the Perfect Workout

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 21 Peloton accessories that can add extra benefits to your home workout. So without further ado, let’s check out the essential Peloton bike gears – 

1) Shimano RC3 Cycling Shoes

Reasons why you need this –

  • These shoes have lower stack heights for competitive cycling
  • These are comfortable and perfect for commuting
  • These shoes will look stunning with your bike

How good your cycling sessions can be without a pair of perfect cycling shoes? We suggest you grab the Shimano RC3 Cycling shoes instead of normal athletic shoes. These shoes not only have a high-end look but also feel, that’s what Shimano says. 

Shimano RC3 Cycling shoes were built inspired by the technology of the pro-level S-Phyre RC9 shoes. The RC3 may have similar aesthetics to the Shimano RC9, but the sole of the RC3 is much stiffer for ensuring more comfort. And with a three-bolt cleat designation, these shoes will perfectly attach to your Peloton bike.

Get Shimano RC3 Cycling Shoes Now        

2) Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat

Reasons why you need this –

  • You will need this for a more comfortable butt rest
  • Includes elastomer spring suspension to get rid of pains and aches
  • It has universal mounts to adjust any indoor exercise bike 

The Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat is extra cushy with extra padding. You will barely feel any pain even after prolonged hours of Peloton cycling. If you are not satisfied with the default seat that came with your Peloton bike, then this saddle is the perfect choice for you. 

If you are looking for extra comfort for your indoor cycling sessions, we highly suggest the Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat. And it’s not just us, this seat is trusted by over 25,000 cycling enthusiasts.

So, it is obviously a big deal. Its ergonomics and universal mounts make it compatible with any exercise or Peloton bike. On top of that, this seat comes in a package where you will get a waterproof cover, a universal seat adapter, universal mounting tools, and mounting instructions. 

Get Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat Now   

3) CyclingDeal Training Floor Mat

Reasons why you need this –

  • This mat perfectly works on wooden floors
  • Accommodates Ergo Mag fluid for indoor cycles
  • A 30″ x 60″ mat for protecting your floor from stationary bikes and treadmills 

During an intense workout, you may not be aware of the damage caused by your Peloton or stationary bike on the floor. That’s why you need something like the CyclingDeal Training floor mat. This mat is soft yet thick so that you can use it for many days. And it is durable enough to keep your trainer in place.  

You can also use the mat for stretching your body before and after the cycling session. Initially while opening the mat from the carton, you may smell the odor scent of brand new PVC (6mm). But it will disappear after a few minutes. This is a must especially when the Peloton bike is placed on a carpet or sensitive floor.

Get CyclingDeal Training Floor Mat Now   

4) Lululemon Cycling High-Rise Short

Reasons why you need this –

  • Keeps you focused on your indoor cycling classes
  • Minimalist padding for both comfort and performance
  • Made with lightweight Nulux fabric for quick drying

If you think you are comfortable enough with your normal shorts, then think again. Once you wear the Lululemon Cycling High-Rise shorts, you will notice the difference. These shorts will give you a brand new experience while cycling for their Elastic Interface™. You will get a low-profile chamois that will move when you make a move.

The Lululemon Cycling High-Rise shorts also come with comfortable waistbands that will cover an ideal shape according to your riding position. You will not lose grip or slide while cycling because of the silicone grippers. And if you want to wear these shorts for outdoor cycling, you will appreciate the reflective details on them. 

Get Lululemon Cycling High-Rise Shorts Now  

5) Naisi Anti-Slippery Handlebar Sweat Towel

Reasons why you need this –

  • You will need this if your Peloton bike has slippery grips
  • This towel is good for protecting flywheel and magnetic brakes (if your bike has)
  • There are pockets to store accessories like phones, chargers, keys, etc

The Naisi Anti-Slippery Handlebar Sweat Towel is an optional accessory for your Peloton bike. Although it is not mandatory, it can be useful. The towel is made of high-quality absorbent terry cloth. And it is designed to be perfectly compatible with Peloton bikes. 

This terry cloth towel will help to keep your hands on the handlebars in the middle of your workout. Your hands might be sweaty and you want to get off the saddle by grabbing the handlebars. Alas! You slipped because of the sweat-soaked and slippery handlebars. In this type of scenario, this towel will be really handy as it will absorb all the sweats and keep your handlebars dry.     

Get Naisi Anti-Slippery Handlebar Sweat Towel Now 

6) Lululemon Purist Cycling Water Bottle

Reasons why you need this –

  • You can easily quench your thirst for water
  • It is squeezable to adjust in your Peloton bike
  • It contains no BPA so that you can enjoy pure drinking water

Yes, a water bottle can be a vital accessory for any type of cycling whether it is indoor or outdoor. However, normal plastic bottles may not fit into a standard cup holder that is generally found in spin or Peloton bikes. You will need something more suitable like the Lululemon Purist Cycling water bottle.

This bottle is easy to flex and it will easily squeeze into any standard spin bike’s cup holder. It is particularly designed for an easy drink while you are on the go. Unlike typical aftermarket water bottles, this one contains no BPA (Bisphenol A). So, drink pure water without the risk of having epoxy resins or polycarbonate plastics. Furthermore, this bottle is 100% recyclable. 

Get Lululemon Purist Cycling Water Bottle Now   

7) Crostice Acrylic Hangers for Shoes and Towels

Reasons why you need this –

  • Perfect for both Peloton and Peloton Bike+
  • You will need this to keep your shoes or towels close to your Peloton bike
  • It is a universal hanger, suitable for men and women shoes

The Crostice Acrylic hangers are made of high-quality Acrylic. Because of its matte black color with a printed red unique cycling Logo, it will perfectly match the appearance of any Peloton bike. Therefore, these hangers can make your bike look cooler by improving its dynamics. The combination of your Peloton bike’s color and the hanger’s color will be a perfect match.

And it’s not all about the looks, you can keep any type of shoes close to your bike, whether it is your normal shoes or Peloton shoes. This hanger is universal and it can hang any men’s or women’s shoe. This hook can accommodate up to 0.35” diameters. You just need to make sure one thing, that is – whether your Peloton or Peloton bike+ has a metal weight height holder, not a plastic one.

Get Crostice Acrylic Hangers Now  

8) Prima R+R Recovery Cream (750 mg)

Reasons why you need this –

  • An advanced recovery rub for whole-body recovery
  • It is clinically tested and formulated by doctors
  • It helps to soothe the exhausted areas of your body 

After your cycling session, get yourself a recovery rub with the Prima R+R cream. This advanced recovery cream will help you to get back on your feet so that you can start working after a few minutes. This recovery rub is not only suggested by doctors but also clinically tested. 

The Prima R+R cream is free from gluten and cruelty. It contains menthol to provide a cooling sensation when you rub it on the sore areas of your body. A user said – he felt a lot of relief 15 minutes after rubbing the cream. So no more worries about big workouts at your gym.

Get Prima R+R Recovery Cream Now       

9) Theragun Wave Roller

Reasons why you need this –

  • An excellent device for self-massage
  • Delivers extensive hours of operation with a single charge
  • Good for both warm-ups and muscle recovery
  • You can operate the roller conveniently with its “Therabody app” 

The Theragun Wave Roller is something that you have been desperately looking for to get rid of muscle and joint pains. In the world of technology, this smart device has proven its worth. When you feel like getting a muscle rub but there’s no one to help you with, this item can be your ultimate companion.

The Theragun Wave Roller is a vibrating foam roller. It is powered by Bluetooth and can last for 3 hours after sustainable use. And it is 12” so that you can massage your thighs and back. With this, you will need no one for your warm-ups. So, make recovery routines by performing self-massage before and after your Peloton sessions. 

Get Theragun Wave Roller Now       

10) Wassers Adjustable Pedal Adapter (with Toe Clips and Cages)

Reasons why you need this –

  • Convert Delta cleats into adjustable toe clip straps to use with your normal sneakers
  • To ensure the most suitable toe clip position
  • Allows you to use both Peloton pedals and cage pedals

The Wassers Adjustable Pedal Adapter comes with everything you need to secure a better position on the pedal. Convert your Look Delta pedals into normal cage pedals with toe clip straps so that you can use them wearing a pair of normal sneakers. However, most cleats won’t work with this aside from Look Delta cleats – 

These pedal adapters are very suitable for Peloton bikes. With a 20 mm adjustment range, you will have an optimized riding position regardless of the size of your feet. These pedal adapters are incredibly durable (water-proof, rust-proof, scratch-proof) for their Nylon Fiber construction. You can also use these adapters to help your children to ride a bicycle more conveniently.  

Get Wassers Adjustable Pedal Adapter Now 

11) Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

Reasons why you need this –

  • For a comfortable cycling experience
  • High-quality memory foam will absorb shock and minimize pain
  • With an 11” x 7.2” wide surface, it is perfect for stationary bikes, Peloton bikes, and cruisers 

Your Peloton bike seat may not be as comfortable as you have expected. You may be wondering whether to change the Peloton bike seat or look for other solutions. In such a scenario, a soft bicycle seat cover like the Zacro Gel Bike seat cover will come in handy.

This seat cover is durable and can serve you for a long time. It comes with a water and dust-resistant cover. It has a non-slip design made of anti-skid leather. On top of that, 2 additional straps will keep the cover in place with the help of a draw-string. The installation is very easy and doesn’t require you to use any tools.

A mentionable fact is – the Zacro Gel Bike seat cover is suitable for narrow bike seats, it may not fit oversized or wide bike seats.

Get Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover Now    

12) Balega Blister Resist Socks 

Reasons why you need this –

  • Made with the best combination of nature and technology to deliver an anti-blister performance
  • Keeps your blister-prone skin comfortable even after an extended period of training   
  • Prevents chafing and minimizes friction with its seamless toe box

The Balega Blister Resist socks are nothing ordinary. These socks are made for absolute performance and to protect your skin from blisters. The most notable feature about this shoe is that it is knitted with Mohair, which is a miracle fiber of nature. This fiber has the highest tensile strength and long-lasting durability.

According to the manufacturer’s information, this particular sock is made of – 

  • Drynamix Polyester (52%)
  • Mohair (14%)
  • Wool (14%)
  • Acrylic (5%)
  • Nylon (3%)
  • Microfibre (3%)
  • Neofil (3%)
  • Elastane (2%)

Before you purchase this shoe, make sure you get the perfect size for your feet. By looking at the size chart, determine the exact size that will adjust your feet. It is especially needed when you are ordering online. Here is the sizing chart of this shoe –

Get Balega Blister Resist Socks Now

13) CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap 

Reasons why you need this –

  • Monitor your heart rate for any kind of exercise
  • Get heart rate data in real-time while you are exercising
  • It works with the popular fitness apps 

At first thought, the importance of the CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor chest strap may not seem obvious. But trust us, you will not regret buying this item. You can get accurate heart rate data while you are training with your Peloton bike or other gym equipment. And it is waterproof, you can measure your heart rate while you are swimming.

This chest strap has extensive and dynamic compatibility for its Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity. It works with bike computers like Garmin, CooSpo, and other GPS bike computers. You can even use it with your smartwatch if it supports BLE / ANT+. Furthermore, you can use it with popular fitness apps like Polar Beat, Strava, Openrider, DDP yoga, Zwift, Wahoo Fitness, and more.

Here is how you can use this chest strap to measure your heart rate – 


Get CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Now      

14) Portzon Neoprene Dumbbell (Set of 2)

Reasons why you need this –

  • Good for toning and sculpting your shoulders and back after Peloton biking
  • Easy to store it, needs a little space
  • Its firm construction ensure long-lasting durability

After a long session of Peloton cycling, your hands can go numb from resting on the handlebars for too long. It is better to have equipment for your arm and shoulder exercise. You will also acknowledge the importance. That is why simple equipment like the Portzon Neoprene Dumbbell is needed.

The Portzon Neoprene dumbbells are perfect for any exercise to make your muscles active again. Simple equipment like this can be used for arms training, breast training, waist training, and squat strengthening. Although it is not mandatory, you can keep it if you feel numb after cycling. And it is coated with Neoprene to make it eco-friendly. And that’s very thoughtful.

Get Portzon Neoprene Dumbbell Now

15) Nike Dri-FIT Longline Sports Bra

Reasons why you need this –

  • Needed to avoid breast soreness
  • Compared to a normal bra, it covers more of your midsection
  • It is flexible and wicks off moisture from the sensitive areas

When Peloton sessions are a part of your daily activity, a moisture-wicking sports bra is crucial for a woman. While there can be plenty of options, the Nike Dri-FIT Longline sports bra stands out for its flexibility and comfort. It is needed not only for cycling but also when you are throwing weights or doing other types of exercise.   

This sports bra has a unique racerback design that gives you more coverage. Unlike normal bras, it offers an extensive length to cover the rib cage of your body. Also, it has a removable swoosh pad that doesn’t fold easily. As a result, it will remain in shape even after folding or squeezing.

Get Nike Dri-FIT Longline Sports Bra Now 

16) ION Rechargeable Speaker (+ Party Lights) 

Reasons why you need this –

  • Listen to music while you are cycling or exercising 
  • Includes party lights to offer an elegant indoor cycling experience at night
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth. So, no wiring
  • A built-in rechargeable battery makes it portable   

Okay! Now, this is absolutely optional but some people prefer to listen to music while they are exercising. It encourages them to exercise more. That’s why a device like the ION rechargeable speaker can come in handy. It also includes party lights that offer 6 different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange, White) to fill your room. So, you will have an elegant cycling experience at night. 

Just so you know, it is better to have a rechargeable speaker than a normal one for mobility. A normal speaker needs to be connected all the time and can’t be moved from one place to another. Also, you would want to play songs through your smartphone. So, it should be wireless and support Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, get a wireless rechargeable speaker if you are planning to buy one.

Get ION Rechargeable Speaker Now    

17) Koonie 10000mAh Rechargeable Portable Fan

Reasons why you need this –

  • It keeps you cool with a strong airflow 
  • It is excellent for its versatility and mobility
  • It can attach to unusual places with its 3” clamp
  • It is rechargeable that makes it portable and you don’t have to worry about the fuss of wires 

In case of an unexpected situation, a backup plan for airflow is needed. For instance, you are spinning on your Peloton bike at home. You have sufficient airflow for the air conditioner and home fan. However, they both shut down due to an unexpected power breakdown. But you still want to continue your cycling. Then you need something like the Koonie 10000mAh rechargeable fan.

This rechargeable fan can adjust anywhere with its 3” clamp. It has three speed settings and one energy-saving mode. And the battery life of this fan is just unbelievable. With a 10000mAh of battery, this fan can operate 24 hours in Low power, 12 hours in medium power, 6 hours in high power, and 12 hours in energy-saving mode.        

Get Koonie Rechargeable Portable Fan Now

18) Williston Forge Masterson 15” Wide Gym Locker 

Reasons why you need this –

  • A convenient locker room for your decor
  • Provides ample space for clothes and personal belongings
  • Keep everything safe with a door having a built-in lock system

The Williston Forge Masterson Gym Locker is an important accessory for the gym or home workouts. The importance is greater when you are running a commercial gym or a sports company having locker rooms for employees and players. However, one can use this locker for home usage if he finds it convenient.

This is a metal locker having a built-in lock on the door. Therefore, you can rest assured your belongings are safe. On top of that, it offers ample storage space for better management. Inside the compartment of this locker, you will find one shelf, a mirror, a hanging bar, and a name card holder to mark the owner of the locker.     

Get Williston Forge Masterson Gym Locker Now 

19) Aurora Athletica Luxury Gym Towel

Reasons why you need this –

  • It will keep you fresh and free from sweat
  • It is 100% organic cotton is suitable for any skin type
  • Helps to minimize smell due to body odor
  • Can also be used as a yoga towel

Who doesn’t need a towel while exercising? A towel is a must-have accessory whether you are exercising at your home with your Peloton bike or you are at the gym. Rather than getting an ordinary towel, it is better to have something professional like the Aurora Athletica Luxury Gym Towel. This is a multi-purpose towel that can be used for training, spinning, cycling, yoga, and swimming.

This towel is infused with Silver Ions. So, it will stay fresh for a longer period of time. This will also lessen the need to wash the towel frequently. It is very soft and absorbent, keeping you fresh after your training sessions. And it is 15.75” x 31.5” for easily carrying it inside your gym bag. It is available in 3 different colors (Pink, Blue, Fuchsia) and it is suitable for yoga usage.

Get Aurora Athletica Luxury Gym Towel Now

20) Souke Sports Cycling Bike Gloves

Reasons why you need this –

  • Offers a better grip on your Peloton bike for natural hand movement
  • Keeps your hands well ventilated and fresh for its lycra and mesh fabric
  • It will reduce fatigue by absorbing shock and reducing impacts
  • It can eliminate the bulky feel with its optimized padding  

Another major accessory for your Peloton bike is a suitable pair of hand gloves. In this case, no other options can beat the Souke Sports Cycling Bike Gloves. These are some synthetic gloves to offer exceptional grip while you are cycling. These are made of moisture-wicking lycra and breathable mesh to keep your hands fresh and sweat-free.

These gloves are half padded with a reflective detailed surface to increase your visibility in case you want to take these for outdoor cycling. And these can not only be used for cycling but also for weight lifting and gym exercise. These materials were used to make these gloves – 

  • Upper – Nylon (87%) + Spandex (13%) 
  • Palm – Nylon (60%) + PU (40%) + 5 mm Foam Padding

Get Souke Sports Cycling Bike Gloves Now 

21) Commando Faux Leather Bike Short (for Women) 

Reasons why you need this –

  • It offers a 4-way stretch for more flexibility
  • Adjusts around you perfectly with a universal waistband
  • Can be used as everyday wear for its light compression design

Now we know we have talked about bike shorts earlier in this article. But we just couldn’t resist mentioning the Commando Faux Leather Bike Short. This is the ultimate cycling short for women offering the comfort and flexibility they have always been looking for.

This excellent bike short is made from a combination of 55% polyurethane, 44% viscose, and 1% elastane. So, you will get the look of real leather while having the desired comfort. And these are very elastic for giving you the flexibility to move with ease while you are cycling or walking. This is why you can use these for your everyday wear.    

Get Commando Faux Leather Bike Short Now

How Do You Choose Right Peloton Accessories: Guide to Know

We understand that you won’t want to buy everything from this list and that’s actually a wise decision. Not everybody needs each of these accessories but the ones that will do some good for their peloton journey.

How do you know which ones out of these 21 picks are going to serve you well to achieve that much-wanted fitness goal? Well, we have managed to design a worthy section here telling you about a few ideas and factors that are going to help you make that particular list of your own right peloton accessories. Here’s what you need to know…

Think About A Budget Plan…

Most peloton bike users will have a budget plan already decided on getting extra accessories unless they are not serious about biking.

When you are buying a Peloton bike, make sure you start pondering over saving some money to get extra accessories later to enhance the result.

Observe Your Peloton Events…

Once you get the bike and start riding it regularly, you’ll surely notice some points that are making problems or seeming to not properly let you enjoy the complete benefits of the peloton.

These issues can be sorted by getting the right extra gear that matches, and you will have to determine that for yourself.

Do You Actually Need That…?

Before you actually make a purchase of certain accessories, ask yourself whether you are buying this for your needs or just because having more seems better to you. Because if the later one is your case, it’s hardly going to benefit you.

Focus on getting gears that you actually need and will do some help in achieving your peloton biking goals.

A Reliable Brand Over A Cheap Priced Pick…

Most of us are guilty of buying stuff when they come with a cheaper price tag and in some cases, it’s not actually a bad thing to do. But if you are a serious peloton biker then you surely need to buy something of quality and gear that actually brings effectiveness in your peloton journey.

So, make sure you are not easily overwhelmed by a cheap price tag and completely miss out on the point of whether it’s a poor quality that’s going to fall apart after a few days of use. Because if that happens, it’s going to eventually increment your actual bill.

FAQs On Peloton Accessories

How Do I Save My Flooring from Peloton?

We know some peloton bike tends to gradually show negative effects on flooring but it also depends on what type of flooring you won. The best thing to do is buying a mat for the flooring if you believe there’s a risk of damaging it.

Your floor is going to be well protected once you decide to invest in some good quality mat. It’s also a great way to stabilize the equipment making your indoor cycling event a safe matter.

Is It Okay to Wear Sneakers for Peloton Bike?

Most probably you can. And in many cases, the peloton bike you own will suggest some sort of toe cage attachment for using sneakers. So, if you decide to buy one then make sure you are also investing in getting good and reliable toe cages for pedals.

In most cases, the company will sell these separately and you just need to contact the manufacturer for making a purchase.

Final Overview 

There you go! We have listed the 21 important Peloton accessories for a perfect home workout. While some of these items are optional, some are crucial.

You can’t imagine having a perfect workout at your home without some of these accessories. One way or another, all of these items are worth buying.

In the end, we will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you want to buy all of these. You can either buy some items depending on their importance or buy nothing at all.

Somehow, it also depends on your mindset and taste. While you may not need all of these accessories, there will be many who will buy all of these as they need them.

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