Why Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working? (Cause and Fix)

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Heart rate monitoring is an important factor when you’re doing the workout. That indicates whether you’re doing enough or not. Though Peloton allows you to track several metrics, you won’t get any heart rate monitor with the peloton bike. 

You need to purchase a separate one. But, Sometimes, you’ll witness that your heart rate monitor won’t work perfectly. As a result, it’ll hamper your workout schedule and will be a headache.

So, In this article, I’ll explain to you a few reasons why the Peloton heart rate monitor is not working and also the troubleshoots.

Let’s start!

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Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working: Cause and Fix

Here are a few causes why the peloton heart rate monitor not working:

1. Suddenly Stop Working Issue: 

If you notice that your Heart Rate Monitor suddenly stops, it’ll happen due to your Bluetooth connection error. 

Also, It happened due to some technical lagging issues. Sometimes, The band can face a short circuit due to too much sweat, and the HRM doesn’t get any heart signals.

Quick Fix For Suddenly Stop Working: 

First of all, check your bike’s Bluetooth connection. Though the Peloton heart rate monitor displays the heart rate using ANT+, it still needs a Bluetooth connection to operate properly. 

So, Check whether it properly connects with the Bluetooth and reestablish the connection.

If your problem doesn’t solve after connecting Bluetooth, then you need to check the battery and connect it with the chest properly.

Clean the band properly or use mild soap to solve the HRM issue. But, The plastic sensor body isn’t waterproof, so carefully do this task.

2. Chest Heart Rate Monitor Connection Issue: 

You’ll notice that your chest heart rate monitor is good, but it won’t connect properly. The main cause of this issue is the electrodes on the inside are dry.

Quick Fix For Connection Issue: 

You can easily fix this issue. Just take a little water on your finger and give a little swap over each electrode. After doing this, You’ll see the red and blue flashing in the monitor itself. That means, Now you can connect it with the Peloton and start your workout.

3. Zero Metrics Issue: 

When you’re padding on the bike, you might notice that they don’t show any other metrics except zero. 

That issue might happen because you didn’t connect the power jack perfectly. Also, The wrong placement of the band can cause this issue.

Quick Fix For Zero Metrics Issue: 

Just check whether you connect the power cord properly with the peloton. For this, Just go to the back, and you’ll find two plugs and just push those. Then, hopefully, your issue will be solved. 

To get accurate results, You need to set up the brand just below muscles on the sternum or below a sports bra strap.

4. Battery Issue: 

If you notice a blinking yellow light when holding the moistened leads of the strap, your heart rate monitor battery is dead. Also, sometimes you won’t see any lights.

Quick Fix For Battery Issue: 

You can solve this problem by replacing the heart rate monitor battery. You can find Peloton batteries at a local hardware store or pharmacy. Generally, The peloton heart rate monitor comes with a 3V Lithium battery.

Here is a quick overview, how you can replace the battery.

  1. Take a coin or flat object. Then, Put the coin or the object into the groove to the back part of the Heart Rate Monitor. And slightly turn the coin, and the back part will be removed.
  2. Now, Remove the dead battery.
  3. Install the new battery. You need to be careful that the plus (+) side will be facing outward.
  4. Reassemble the back part of the Heart Rate Monitor. 
  5. Done!

Tips For avoiding heart rate monitor issues: After every ride, don’t forget to unclip the sensor two snaps which are located at the backside. Also, Always dry the band after a ride that will ensure battery longevity.

How do I turn on my peloton heart rate monitor?

You’ll get the setting option in the top-right corner of the bike screen. Click on it and select “Heart Rate Monitor.” Now, Find out your Heart Rate Monitor from the Devices list and connect to the pair.

If it doesn’t detect the band, refresh the screen from the band wizard’s top-right corner and wait for a few seconds. Then, Hopefully, you’ll find your Heart Rate Monitor on the screen to connect.

How to Turn Off the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

First, Disconnect the Heart Rate Monitor from the Peloton bike. Then, simply remove the band from your chest. Finally, to increase its longevity, Unclip the strap securely.

What kind of heart rate monitors work with Peloton equipment?

You cannot use any heart rate monitors with a peloton. However, if your Heart Rate Monitor has an ANT+ connectivity feature, then you can use it with your Peloton bike. This feature allows making a connection among different brands to work smoothly. 

Can you connect the Peloton heart rate monitor to the phone?

If your device has a Bluetooth-enabled option, then you can connect it with the Peloton Digital ios app. That’ll allow you to get a real-time heart rate. The good thing is: generally, every heart rate has a Bluetooth-enabled option.

How long does the peloton heart rate monitor battery last?

It depends on which type of battery you’re using and your device model number. Generally, A rechargeable heart rate monitor battery lasts around 1.5 days to 7 days.

Is the Peloton heart rate monitor accurate?

No, You don’t get 100% accurate results. But, They provide a decent result which is enough to track your progress. Also, The accuracy depends on which model device you’re using. 

Final Words

A heart Rate Monitor is an important piece of equipment for your workout life. That indicates whether you’re improving or not. But, sometimes, you’ll face some trouble when using it with your Peloton bike. 

Several reasons can cause this problem. So, To reduce your headache, In this article, I mentioned to you a few common causes why the peloton heart rate monitor is not working and a few possible solutions. Hope that helps you to solve your issue.

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