How To Move Peloton Bike Without Damaging? Beginners Guide

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You may need to move your Peloton bike for various reasons. The migration of the bike depends on safety and convenience. But we can assure you moving your Peloton bike is not that difficult. 

The frame of the bike may seem bulky and heavy. But that won’t be a problem if there is someone to help you. 

Moving the Peloton bike from room to room is quick and easy, especially when you have a helping hand. 

The bike can be easily tilted and moved around the house. But you need to take some steps if you are moving it from one house to another. Using a moving truck or shoulder dolly can reduce the hardship.

After competitive analysis, we have come up with some ways that will make your Peloton bike transfer easier. Today’s article is written in that context.

What To Do Before Moving The Peloton bike? 

Before moving the bike, you should take off as much as the accessories of the bike. For instance, the Peloton touchscreen is very sensitive. If you damage the screen, you will have to count 750 dollars to get a new one. So, it is also quite expensive.

To avoid breaking a sensitive part of your bike while moving it, it is better to double-check the following facts –  

  • Whether you’re moving your bike from room to room or one place to another, removing the touchscreen is the very first thing you need to do. Keep this delicate part off your bike every time you plan to move the bike. Luckily, removing and assembling the display is pretty easy, and you can actually do it yourself. 
  • Most people prefer to leave behind their bicycle shoes on the saddle clamp. The second thing you want to do is remove all moving parts from the bike such as bicycle shoes, weights, and water bottles. This will prevent items from falling off the bike. Also, you can avoid distraction and destruction while transporting the bike.  
  • The third step will be removing the pedals from the bike when you are moving your bike on a transport truck covering a long distance. Although the pedals can be strong, they are not strong enough to break when the bike falls. 
  • Finally, remember to tighten all nuts on your bike when transporting it over long distances. You can also lower the saddle and handlebars to the lowest position where they remain the strongest and most durable. 

How to Remove the Intact Accessories while Moving a Peloton Bike

You may have already understood how important it is to keep some of the accessories removed while moving the bike. Now, we will break down how you can take off the removable accessories one by one.  

Removing the Monitor from the Peloton Bike

We have already mentioned that the monitor or touchscreen is the most delicate part of the whole bike. Therefore, you need to take it off even if you keep other accessories on the bike. So, let’s take a look at how to remove the Peloton screen before moving the bike – 

  • First, unplug the monitor power cord that goes through the center of the back of the monitor. However, you must disconnect the main power supply before disconnecting the cable. This step will turn off the display for safety reasons.
  • Don’t forget to disconnect any audio or Ethernet cables if you happen to have any. 
  • After that, remove the plastic covers from the back of the Peloton display. These covers can be simply pulled without using any tools. You should have access to both the mounting plate and 4 mounting screws now. 
  • Now, use an Allen key for the Peloton bike plus or a Phillips head screwdriver for the previous Peloton models to carefully loosen the mounting screws that secure the screen to the bike. You can get a helping hand to hold the touchscreen firmly.
  • Now that you completely unscrewed the mounting bolts off the bike, you must hold the screen to prevent it from falling off at the time when screws are beginning to lose. 
  • Most importantly, keep the screen secured on a safe surface. You can use a clean and soft towel for this. Just place the screen facing downwards as it will prevent it from getting scratches. Also, ensure the towel wraps the screen perfectly so that it won’t fall. Remember that the touchscreen is an expensive part of the bike and it should not be mishandled. 

Just in case you are unable to understand the above description, please watch the following videos. One video is for the standard Peloton bike and the other is for the bike plus.

Video For Peloton Bike


Video For Peloton Bike Plus


Removing the Pedals 

When doing this, make sure that the resistance knob is fully disengaged, this will prevent the pedal from moving due to the action of the resistance knob. This will prevent the pedal from moving due to the action of the resistance handle.

The Peloton bicycle pedal requires a 15mm wrench to loosen. Basically, remember that the left pedal has a reverse setting. So to loosen it, you need to turn it clockwise. On the other hand, you would normally remove the right pedal by unscrewing it counterclockwise.

Removing the Dumbbell Stand and Water Bottle Holder

This step is not always necessary. But when you are transporting the bike over long distances,  you can remove the dumbbell holders and the water bottle holder for safety.  

Removing the dumbbell holders for both Peloton and Peloton bike plus –

The process of removing the dumbbell holders is a little different for Peloton and Peloton bike plus. But don’t worry, just sit back and read as we are going to demonstrate instructions for both models.

For the standard model –    

Use a hex key to loosen the dumbbell holders. A Phillips screwdriver can also act as a replacement. Lucky for you, the screws on the dumbbell holder are as easy to see as they are on the water bottles.

Okay, maybe you have successfully removed the weight holders. Still, watch the video if you are confused about anything –


For the plus model – 

A 3mm Allen wrench is needed to remove weight holders from your Peloton bike plus. You will notice 4 screws attached to the weight holder of your bike. Use the Allen wrench to unscrew these screws. 

Basically, the main difference is you can use both a Phillips screwdriver or a hex key for the standard bike while a 3mm Allen wrench is a must for the bike plus.

Removing the water bottle holder for both Peloton and Peloton bike plus – 

Unlike the weight holders, this process is the same for both models. First, turn the resistance knob all the way to the right. This will lower the magnetic brake.

The two water bottle holder mounting bolts are clearly visible on both sides of the frame. Then use a Phillips head screwdriver and possibly a spanner to hold the other side to loosen the bolts faster.

Then, gently grasp the water bottle holder facing down and pull it from the frame for safe removal. 

Watch this video for better and visual instruction – 


Move Your Peloton from One Gym to Another 

The process of moving your Peloton from gym to gym, from house to house, or even within the surroundings is simpler. It becomes even better when you need to move your bike on level ground. Because all you need to do is to remove the touchscreen and voila!

To move the bike, hold it by the bike seat clamp at the rear, lift it using the front transport wheels. Then move it wherever you want. Be sure to move slowly and avoid bumps, corners, and anything that could scratch or damage your bike.

After you place the bike in a new and suitable position, you can immediately reinstall the touchscreen. The touchscreen is often safer and more comfortable to reinstall immediately when the bike is ready for use.

Moving Your Peloton Bike From Room to Room

Do you know? 

-The Peloton bike has two wheels on the front stabilizer for easy movement. 

As a result, moving the bike from one room to another is easier than you think. After all, we are talking about transporting the bike inside your house, not outside. And you don’t have to take off many accessories either. 

  • We suggest removing the touchscreen from the bike to avoid damage in the event of an accident. However, it is not advised to remove the touchscreen from the Bike plus version.
  • Next, stand at the back of the bike. Grasp the rear stabilizer with both hands and lift the rear of the bike until it remains tilting on its front wheels.
  • Now, gently push or pull the bike to a new position.
A disclaimer from Peloton – 
Damage or equipment failure resulting from disassembling, reassembling, or moving the Peloton Bike will not be covered under Peloton’s warranties. 

Moving the Peloton Bike on a Truck

Whether you need a truck or transporting a vehicle, depends largely on the distance. The distance also indicates whether or not you need someone else to help you with the transit.

The Peloton bike will be ready to ship after you have removed the touchscreen, the weights and their racks, the water bottle and its holder, and the pedals. 

You can move your bike by grabbing the back stabilizers with both your hands and lifting the bike up onto its transport wheels. Then, direct the bike and yourself to a suitable area where you can get help. For instance, by the door.

You can lift the bike together if needed. Just tell your partner to hold the bike by the handlebars while you are holding the rear. Be very careful when loading the bike onto the truck as this is where the bike can get damaged. Seek further assistance if required. 

Straps or ropes can be used to prevent the bike from tipping over during transport. Once you get the bike inside the truck, tie it with strong straps or ropes on all four sides of the truck. 

Once you reach your destination, you can remove the straps or untie the ropes. Then carefully lift the bike on the ground from the truck and move it inside your home. Remember to replace any accessories you have removed to ease the transition when the bike is on the mat.

Need Extra Arms to Move Your Peloton Bike? 

The answer to this question is yes and no at the same time. Suppose you are moving the bike downstairs or upstairs. Then, you will definitely need someone to help you lift the heavy bike to where it is needed.

On the other hand, small front wheels will come in handy for transporting the bike on ground level. These small wheels are commonly known as transport wheels.

Be sure to have constant communication when an additional party is engaged in the bike moving process. And try to be patient with each other for the sake of your bike’s safety. 

We believe you will find this following video helpful to know whether is it hard or easy to move the bike – 


Final Thoughts 

It is important to move your bike safely without causing any damage. We are sure that you will manage to move your Peloton bike through the process that we have discussed in this article.

You might have realized from the process that transporting the bike has never been easier. All you need is a guide combined with self-confidence. 

You don’t have to rely on the delivery guys anymore to move the bike from one place to another.

Also, don’t keep the bike where you don’t find it comfortable. Rather, move your bike to a convenient position without causing any damage

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