5 Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet (Men and Women’s)

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Are you an active Peloton rider with wide feet? Do you find yourself struggling to find the perfect cycling shoes that will fit your needs? If so, you’re in right page!

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best Peloton shoes for wide feet. Keep reading to learn more about each pair and how they can help improve your Peloton experience.

Are Peloton Brand Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Are peloton shoes wide? If you’re a Peloton enthusiast with wide feet, you may have been wondering whether it’s safe to use the specialized shoes that come with the bike. The answer is not so straightforward.

While the shoes are adjustable and can fit a wide range of sizes, they do not typically provide enough support for those with wider feet.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue and discuss what other options are available.

Why Peloton Shoes Are Not Good for Wide Feet

Peloton brand shoes are designed to be adjustable and fit a wide range of sizes, but unfortunately, they don’t provide enough support for those with wider feet.

The shoe has limited space in the toe box and midfoot area, which can lead to discomfort or even pain if your foot is too wide for the shoe.

Additionally, the straps on the shoe can cause further discomfort if they are too tight around your foot.

What Should You Do Now?

If you have wider feet and have been using Peloton shoes without any issues, then you may want to continue using them as long as they remain comfortable.

However, if you’re experiencing any discomfort while riding your bike with Peloton shoes, then it may be time to switch to another option.

There are plenty of cycling shoes available on the market that offer more space in the toe box and midfoot area so that your foot fits comfortably inside the shoe.

Additionally, many cycling shoes come equipped with extra straps that provide more adjustability than standard Peloton shoes which will help ensure a secure fit on your foot and avoid any chances of discomfort or pain.

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5 Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

You know that having the right kind of shoe is essential during peloton riding. The wrong kind of shoe can make your ride uncomfortable, make it difficult to achieve the proper form, and even increase your risk of injury.

That’s why it’s important to consider wide spinning shoes. Let’s explore few wide peloton shoes for wide feet in more detail.

Sidi Genius Mega 7 – Best Wide Cycling Shoes for Peloton Bike

Sidi Genius Mega 7

The Sidi Genius Mega 7 is one of the best wide cycling shoes for Peloton bike riders. The Mega 7 is designed with a wider toe box than most other models from Sidi and features a soft, stretchy upper fabric. This makes them ideal for those who have wide feet and need extra room in their cycling shoes.

The microfiber upper also helps keep your foot cool and comfortable during long rides.

As an added bonus, the Mega 7 has a replaceable heel pad that helps keep your shoes looking good for longer periods of time. [Check Price on Amazon]


  • Upper: microtech microfibermesh.
  • Sole: millenium 5 sole


  • A bit expensive

Ergo 5 Mega Carbon – Peloton Compatible Shoes for Wide Feet

Ergo 5 Mega Carbon

When it comes to comfort, the Ergo 5 Mega Carbon delivers. These shoes are specifically designed with wider feet in mind and feature a carbon sole that offers superior stiffness while still being lightweight and comfortable on long rides.

The upper is made from breathable mesh material that keeps your foot cool while providing support where needed. And, they come with two interchangeable lacing systems to ensure that you get the perfect fit every time. [Check Price on Amazon]


  • SOLE: TWELVE CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE (Twelve Carbon composite)
  • Closure: Techno3 Push dials, Hook and Loop strap

Tommaso Strada 200 – Extra wide shoes for peloton bike

Tommaso Strada 200

If you’re looking for a dual cleat option, look no further than the Tommaso Strada 200! This shoe features a wider toe box than many others on the market and provides plenty of wiggle room for those who have bigger feet or just need extra room in their cycling shoes.

It also has a reinforced nylon sole which adds extra support to each pedal stroke while remaining lightweight enough to not weigh down your ride. Plus, its stylish design makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use! [Check Price on Amazon]


  • Breathable, moisture-wicking materials
  • Super stiff carbon fiber infused sole
  • It provides great support, stability, and power transfer
  • Engineered to perform both indoors and outdoors
  • Lifetime Warranty Replacement


No notable cons found

Venzo Cycling Shoes – Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

Venzo Cycling Shoes

The Venzo Cycling Shoes are another great choice if you have wider feet but don’t want to sacrifice style or performance when riding your Peloton Bike.

These shoes come with specially designed arch support technology that helps keep your foot securely in place even during long rides or high-intensity workouts.

They also have plenty of ventilation holes throughout the upper material to help keep your feet cool while pedaling away!

Plus, they come with adjustable straps so you can customize them exactly how you want them—a must-have feature if you’re looking for cycling shoes with a perfect fit every time! [Check Price on Amazon]


  • Quick-drying, highly-breathable mesh and synthetic upper
  • Perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class
  • 2-year warranty

Shimano SH-RP – women’s peloton shoes for wide feet

Shimano SH-RP

Last but not least, we have the Shimano SH-RP cycling shoes—a great choice if you need something that works well with wide feet without breaking the bank!

These shoes feature an adjustable ratchet system at both sides of the shoe so you can easily adjust them as needed to ensure maximum comfort during those long hours on your bike trainer or out on the open road.

They also come equipped with SPD cleats compatible with most pedals so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues either!

Plus, they are made from durable materials so they will last through years of wear and tear without any problems at all! [Check Price on Amazon]

Things to Consider: Buying Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

Having the right shoes can make all the difference when it comes to your Peloton experience. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just starting out, having the right shoes for your feet and for your bike is essential.

If you have wide feet, there are a few extra considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing Peloton shoes. Read on to learn more!

Compatibility with Your Bike

If you’re buying Peloton shoes, it’s important to make sure they are compatible with the bike itself. Different brands of cycling shoes have different cleat designs, so make sure that your chosen shoes will fit properly into your bike’s pedals.

Most cycling shoe brands provide information about their compatibility with different bikes and pedals, so do some research before making a purchase.

Shoe Width Sizes Available

Not all Peloton cycling shoes are available in wide sizes, so if you have wide feet it’s important to check what width sizes are available before making a decision. Most brands offer several width sizes, ranging from narrow to extra wide (sometimes up to EE).

Make sure that the size of shoe you choose is comfortable and fits securely on your foot while allowing enough room for movement and ventilation.

Quality and Durability

When investing in any type of gear, quality is key. Cycling shoes in particular need to be able to hold up through tough conditions like sweat and rain while still providing adequate support and cushioning.

Look for cycling shoes made from high-quality materials that will last through multiple rides without wearing down too quickly.

Additionally, look for features like breathable mesh material or waterproof protection for added durability and comfort during long rides.

Better Power Transfer

Wide cycling shoes provide more surface area which means less pressure being applied on each pedal stroke—resulting in better power transfer from foot-to-pedal than narrow cycling shoes would provide.

Additionally, wide cycling shoes allow for greater range of motion which makes them ideal for riders who need extra flexibility during their ride or require additional stability due to flat feet or other biomechanical issues affecting their pedaling technique.


It’s no secret that high-performance gear can come with a hefty price tag—but it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are plenty of great options out there when it comes to finding affordable quality gear (including wide cycling shoes) without breaking the bank.

Look around online or visit stores in person to compare prices and find the best deal on the right pair of cycling shoes for you!

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What Is a Wide Shoe?

A wide shoe is any shoe with an interior width wider than the average size. This measurement can vary depending on the type of shoe, as well as its brand and style. Generally speaking, though, a “wide” shoe will start at around 4E (extra-wide). For cycling shoes specifically, many companies offer sizes ranging from 2E (wide) all the way up to 6E (extra-wide).

Do I Need Wide Spinning Shoes?

If you have wider feet than most people, then it’s likely that you will benefit from wearing wide spinning shoes. Regular cycling shoes are designed for narrow feet and may be too tight if your feet measure over 4E in width. This could cause pain and discomfort during your ride due to inadequate arch support or poor fit—not something you want during an intense workout!

How Can I Tell If I Need Wide Spinning Shoes?

One easy way is, If any standard cycling shoes either fit too tight or do not fit you; you need a wide shoes.

Another easy way to tell whether or not you need wide spinning shoes is by measuring your feet using a Brannock device—the same tool used by salespeople in shoe stores. Measure both sides of each foot in length and width; if either measurement is greater than 4E (or greater than what is considered “standard width” for that particular type of shoe), then you should look for wide spinning shoes in order to get the best possible fit.

Final Words

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just getting into riding peloton bikes, having comfortable yet functional cycling gear is essential to getting maximum performance from each ride—especially if you have wide feet!

Luckily, there are plenty of options available today that cater specifically towards those who might struggle finding footwear due to larger foot sizes or special requirements like arch support or ventilation needs; we hope this list serves as helpful guide when choosing which peloton shoe will work best for you!

With these top picks in mind, all that’s left now is putting those new kicks through their paces—happy pedaling!