How to Connect Apple Watch to Technogym Bike or Tread Easily?

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Cycling can be an excellent way to do your body good and achieve fitness even in the comfort of your home. Bike workouts come with many benefits as they work on various parts of your body, and that’s what the Technogym bike does for you.

The Technogym bikes have excellent features, and connecting an Apple Watch to it gives more motivation to the user as you have a quick view of your progress.

This piece will show you how to connect an Apple watch to a Technogym bike.

Can you connect apple watch to technogym bike or tread?

Yes, gym members who use their favorite Technogym cardio, strength, or class equipment can simply tap their Apple Watch to connect with indoor bike, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, stair steppers, strength machines, and most of the Technogym product line.

Keep reading to know how you can connect apple watch to technogym bike easily

Features of the Technogym Bike

Technogym bike is designed to bring the best cycling experience to your home. It offers a lot of fun and excitement as you engage in HIIT or low-impact workouts to keep fit.

Its interactive platform lets you select your trainer and the workout class that suits you.

The bike has a sturdy build and offers up to 20 resistance levels that give you a smooth cycling experience.

It also comes with a 1.5kg cast-iron weight that helps you have a complete body workout at home. Some of its other features include:

  • Live classes
  • Pre-recorded classes 
  • A smart switch that lets you switch between a limitless number of gears
  • Smart pedals
  • In-built speakers
  • 22-inch touchscreen

Why You Should Get Technogym Bikes for Workout?

The Technogym bike is an all-in-one bike for a complete body workout. It competes well with other bikes of its level and offers excellent results. Some of the benefits of using Technogym bikes are:

  • A boost in cardio fitness leads to improved sleep, more energy, reduced stress levels, a robust immune system, etc.
  • You get a total body workout that benefits all body parts.
  • A low-impact workout gives you less pressure and strengthens your joints and bones.
  • Burning of calories and weight loss.
  • It strengthens the lower body through high resistance workouts.
  • An improved triglycerides levels.
  • It gives the convenience of working out at home at your best time.

Perks of Having an Apple Watch

An Apple Watch may be a timepiece, but it does much more than tell the time. It has many functions that make it multipurpose and suitable for various people. 

Its features include easy access to apps and notifications, instant reply to calls and messages, listening to music, helping you find your missing iPhone, fitness and well-being functions, etc.

Some of the fitness and well-being functions of an Apple Watch include the following:

  • Electrocardiograph: the in-built app in an apple watch reads the heart’s rhythm and sends alerts when there is any irregularity. You can take this reading by placing your finger on the Digital Crown and waiting for about 30 seconds. Then the result will come up on the screen.
  • Workout app: the Apple watch has a workout app that can be your workout partner. It helps track runs, rides, walking steps, and rolls, ensuring you get the correct numbers to know your progress.
  • Fitness+: the Apple watch’s Fitness+ app offers different workout types and duration. It syncs your metrics to your iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad and also displays new sets of workouts per week. 
  • Heart Rate app: it has a heart rate app that checks for your heart rate because irregular heart rhythm can be a pointer to an underlying health condition. This in-built app sends an alert through your watch screen when there is such a symptom. 
  • Reflect Feature: The Watch also has a reflect feature that helps you train your mind. It helps you to train in mindfulness because it encourages you to have positive thoughts about life.

Why Connect Your Apple Watch to Technogym Bike?

Having seen the various features of the Apple Watch and Technogym bike, it only makes sense to connect both devices during workout sessions. Here is what you’ll get when you pair them.

Connecting your NordicTrack bike to the Apple Watch helps you enjoy the functionality of both devices. Some of the benefits include:

Better Metrics 

The Technogym bike and the Apple watch are loaded with distinct features. So, combining the reading from both devices for improved metrics of your workout sessions will be a smart move. The results will be more specific and may encourage you to do more.

Improved Workout Sessions

When you connect your Apple watch to your Technogym bike, it helps you to know how much progress you make with time. You can check each workout session and find out what has worked for you. The improvement also brings excitement and fulfillment. 

Heart rate monitor

The Apple Watch and the Technogym bike have apps that will take your heart’s measurements and read your heart rate during exercise. The readings are displayed on the screen for you to view. It helps you to know the state of your heart during a workout.


When you link the Apple watch to your Technogym bike, the Watch ensures that you don’t overstretch and endanger your health. It sends signal alerts on your watch screen when you tend to go beyond your limits.

Connecting Apple Watch to Technogym Bike

You can connect your Apple Watch to the Technogym bike through the Technogym app. You’ll need an Apple watch, a Technogym bike, a Technogym app, and an iPhone.

1. Download the Technogym app on your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can download it on your watch through the App store. To download it to your iPhone, open the “Watch” app on the iPhone, scroll down to “Available apps,” and click on the Technogym app and install.

2. Activate permissions for Apple health and Bluetooth. This step is necessary.

3. Launch the Technogym app on your iPhone and select the heart-shaped icon at the top area.

4. The Technogym app will sync with the Apple watch automatically.

5. Tap to start a workout on the Technogym app, and your heart rate will begin to display on the Watch and Bike screens.


Your fitness goals are achievable with the Technogym bike and the Apple Watch connected. The two devices will combine to help you smash those goals and live a healthier life.

This piece will show you how to connect Apple Watch and Technogym bike in easy steps.  

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