How Much Space Do You Need For a Peloton?

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In the world of fitness, almost everyone has at least one home exercise equipment. And Peloton has taken this place of home exercise equipment. While Peloton should be in the right place for a dedicated Peloton studio, not everyone has the capability. And a decent space for placing a Peloton bike can be a challenge when the house is small.

This has made us curious to discuss how much space do you need for a Peloton in this article. And it’s not about the space, it is also about the convenience of the place. We are going to discuss everything in this article. So, stay tuned.

Before Storing a peloton you must know these things —

Dimensions for a Peloton Bike: Length 59 inches (150 cm), height 53 inches (135 cm), and a width of 23 inches (58 cm). And weighs 135 pounds (61 kg).

Dimensions for a Peloton Bike+ : 22 × 59 inches (65 × 150 cm) and weighing 140 pounds (64 kg).

The user height limit for the bike is 6 foot 5 inches (195cm), and the weight limit is 297lbs (135 kg).

How Much Room Do You Need to Fit Your Peloton Bike In

There are good and bad places to put your Peloton bike. These places can be both indoor and outdoor. On top of that, there are a number of considerations that make a place ultimately good or bad to put your Peloton or Peloton Plus bike.  

Unfortunately, the reality for most people is about “Peloton in its own dedicated studio” and more like “Peloton in a small room”. Now, let’s take a look at the space needed for your Peloton.

Sufficient Floor Space for Your Peloton

Are you worried that you may not place a Peloton bike in your house as it is too small? The good news is, the Peloton is a compact piece of kit that will cover a floor space of 24 inches by 48 inches. As a result, you will always find a suitable place to place your Peloton bike despite the size of your room. You will always find unused crannies and nooks around your house, which can be proposed for a Peloton bike.

If your house happens to be considered as big, then great! Because you will have one or two spare rooms that will be barely used. For instance, a spare bedroom can be a great place for your Peloton. Aside from that, you can also manage space behind the sofa, in a home office, or at the top of the stairs with a spacious landing area.

Pro Tip –
No matter what you do, just make sure the designated room at least has 2 x 4 feet of space to adjust the Peloton bike so that you can get on and off easily.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at this video for a detailed demonstration –


A Suitable Place to Store Your Peloton Bike

Just ensuring adequate space for your Peloton bike is not enough. You make sure there is enough ventilation in the room and there is a charging port near the Peloton bike. If you live in an apartment building, then the best place to place your Peloton bike is in the basement. Because noise and vibrations remain at a minimum level in the basement. The basement is also a great place to exercise in the late night or early morning without disturbing the neighbors.

Talking about the power supply, make sure you have one close to your Peloton bike. It would be really disappointing to see the power cable stretched across the entire room to connect to the Peloton bike. And to protect your floor and the Peloton bike, it is always a wise decision to use a carpet, especially when the floor is made of wood or concrete.

With such a stable floor, we would recommend using a mat (SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mats) to give ample space to your bike as well as to keep the flooring tiles protected. At the end of the day, you will get a wipe-clean surface to ride on.

Last but not least, keep your Peloton out from the reach of children. Your Peloton bike is a precious machine and you don’t want some kid doing potential damage to it. And if you are fancy enough, then follow the advice of Beth Kushnick (a decorator and home décor podcaster) – 

“The key to finding the right spot for your Peloton is to think of it as a piece of practical décor”

Considerations When Placing Your Peloton Outside or in the Garage

Talking about placing your Peloton bike in the garage, never keep it outside. Your garage is one of the best places to place your Peloton bike and it will only take a space of 2 x 4 feet inside the garage to put the bike. However, there is a weather condition to put your Peloton inside the garage. If the outside temperature remains fine most of the time in a year, then the garage is surely a great place to position your bike. But if the weather remains cold most of the time, then it can have an adverse effect.

You have to keep an eye out on your Peloton when it is outside. Despite the weather, there is always a chance of something falling on your bike. This could affect either the electronics or other moving components on your Bike. Not to mention, theft and robbery will become common if it stays outside.     

9 Ways to Fit a Peloton in a Small Space

With its sleek design and small footprint, this bike can easily fit into even the smallest of spaces. But how exactly do you go about fitting a Peloton into a tiny area? Let’s find out!

In A Corner Of The Living Room

If you have enough room in the corner of your living room, this could be a great spot for your bike without taking up too much of your valuable space. Strategically place furniture around it so that it is not the main focus of the room.

This will help make the bike look more like part of the décor than an intrusive piece of exercise equipment.

Behind The Sofa

If you have a large enough sofa, consider placing your Peloton behind it. This is a great way to keep the bike out of sight when not in use and easily accessible when you are ready to ride!

Make sure there is enough room for you to comfortably move around when you are cycling as well as access all necessary buttons and controls.

Near A Window

Windows provide natural light which can be great for exercises like biking or yoga. Place your bike near one of your windows (if available) and utilize that light while working out!

Just make sure that the window is not letting in too much heat or cold air while exercising as this can take away from the comfort level during your workout.

Behind Furniture Or A Room Divider

If you have furniture or something like a room divider, consider placing the bike behind it so that it’s not always visible in the room.

This will help keep clutter at bay while still providing easy access when needed – bonus points if it fits perfectly behind these pieces!

In A Closet

Consider turning one of your closets into an exercise nook by placing your peloton inside and utilizing shelving units or cubbies to store any other fitness accessories such as weights, mats, etc.. You can also hide your peloton here.

Not only does this save space, but it also provides some privacy when exercising which can be important if people are coming in and out of other parts of the house while you workout!

In A Garage

Do you have an empty garage? Consider setting up shop there and using that area solely for physical activities such as biking, jogging, weightlifting etc..

This ensures that any noise created during these activities does not disturb anyone else in the house – plus garages tend to be pretty spacious, so there should be plenty of room for everything!

On The Balcony/Patio/Deck Area

If you live somewhere with outdoor space (balcony/patio/deck), then this could potentially serve as another great spot for your peloton.

The fresh air may even invigorate your workouts! Just make sure that weather conditions won’t interfere with any electronics on board the machine – like wind blowing dust onto circuits or moisture seeping into wires – before bringing it outside permanently.


The Peloton is a compact piece of exercise equipment and therefore requires only a compact portion of the floor space with a few facilities such as a stable base, power access, and good ventilation. Cast a critical eye around your home and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of suitable places.

Even though Beth Kushnick also said –

“Exposing your Peloton is the best motivation to use it often.”

But don’t be tempted to watch a lifestyle shot of a bike in the middle of a dedicated Peloton studio. Many people do not have this kind of space available. And don’t forget to think about the danger of trips due to those power cords.

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